5 Best WordPress Plugins for Your E-commerce Site

Best WordPress Plugins for Your E-commerce Site

WordPress is the most popular platform among e-commerce websites, making it a great choice for anyone looking to set up an online store. But with so many plugins to choose from, how do you know which ones will take your site to the next level? For five high-quality plugins that have stood the test of time and proven their worth over years of use, see this article.

1. Wecart Pro

We care Pro is a responsive e-commerce theme with clean typography. It is suitable for all kinds of online shops. It was built with Bootstrap. Our cart Pro also supports WooCommerce and bbPress.

Hostile Budget allows you to add a shopping basket to your website. The Admin panel allows you to create:

The plugin allows you to upload your own image, but you have to credit the merchant for the design. It comes with a lot of helpful features:

The Best Offer: Best Deals is a plugin aimed specifically at converting customers at the back-end. You can create offers, alerts, history, and more. Most importantly, all payments are handled through your own payment gateway — Stripe. You can even use this plugin to kick-off Shopping Cart campaigns in your store. This plugin comes with:

WordPress SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the most crucial factors if you intend to rank on Google; optimizing your site gives you an edge over competitors who haven’t taken the necessary measures. Trustworthy and highly optimized sites give your site a significant boost in terms of SEO.

A fast and lightweight theme, it’s suitable for blogs, Medium.com, and eCommerce websites. To get started, install the SEO by Yoast plugin:

Read The Full Review on Page Six.

easy cart is a responsive cart plugin that allows you to create individual cart items or to create a shopping cart with multiple products.

Easycare comes with several useful features:

compatible with WooCommerce 3.5 and beyond

All your inventory can be displayed side by side so you don’t have to cram items into a single space.

substack.com is an SEO-friendly and visually appealing website generator. It comes with a wide range of pre-built websites and templates, including Medium.com, Substack, and many more.

wp-content is a responsive WordPress theme for creating blogs, shops, product catalogs, restaurants, and more.

2. WooCommerce

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that allows you to sell products and services directly on your site. It’s one of the most popular e-commerce platforms on the internet, and it’s free! WooCommerce works seamlessly with WordPress and you’ll be able to create a fully functioning store with a few simple clicks.

If you’ve decided to set up an online store from scratch, then setting up WooCommerce can be very intimidating. However, it’s actually quite straightforward and any newbie will be able to navigate its abundant features without too much trouble. Most of the time, the only thing you’ll have to do is select your products, set up pricing, and configure shipping. It’s worth pointing out that WooCommerce works with the vast majority of products and services that you can think of. WooCommerce stores are versatile and can work with almost any item you can think of. Because of its ultralow price tag, we’re covering WooCommerce as a plugin rather than a standalone platform. The following five WooCommerce plugins are what we recommend for flexible online store setups.

Gumby is a WordPress plugin that helps you build cart slides with ease. It lets you alter the width of your checkout page to create loads of space for your products. The plugin also provides an advanced setting that lets you automatically slide the images from your posts so they make a smooth transition to your care. With enough customizable features, this plugin can be a game-changer for any e-commerce platform.

Gumby is the best plugin for WooCommerce, so there’s no need to spend extra money on something else. However, you should mention that if you need freelancing advice then give Sapiens a look.

The install process of WooCommerce manually is quite time-consuming, but creating a cart from scratch is a piece of cake with Yoast SEO. Yoast SEO makes creating a perfect-looking and working SEO-friendly site easy, making it productivity-boosting and search engine optimized.

Yoast is content and SEO-focused plugin that can be used to optimize your site for search engines.

3. Google Analytics by Yoast

When you first install your WordPress website, the first plugin you should install is Yoast’s WordPress SEO plugin. Yoast has a lot of great features for helping you optimize your site for search engines. The first thing you should do when you install the plugin is enabled Yoast’s Google Analytics by Yoast plugin. This will automatically use Analytics to show you how many people are visiting your site and which pages are their most popular. Analytics works best in desktop applications, so make sure to add it to the list of your installed plugins in your WordPress dashboard.

Next, install the Jetpack plugin. Using Jetpack is pretty straightforward; simply install it in your plugins folder. You’ll see the plugin automatically install when you load your site.

If you are looking to make your content discoverable by search engines, you’ll need to use Yoast SEO plugin.

WordPress SEO is essential for anyone running a retail or e-commerce store.

Another plugin developers love is WordPress SEO Pro. This plugin helps users find similar-sounding content online, often called backlinking, and it was developed specifically for WordPress. It makes it easy for developers to include links to relevant content within their WordPress websites.

By using Yoast, you can plug in the Google Optimise plugin for extra search engine rankings. Yoast SEO Pro and WordPress SEO Pro will do keyword research and help optimize your site for fast loading speeds.

Freelance writers will appreciate having a WordPress blog, as it allows people to connect and follow your work. From day one, consider hosting it on a premium hosting platform. However, be careful not to overspend as not all platforms cater to all styles of websites.

Try out all the best peruse this list of features for writers to determine which growing WordPress CMS suits your needs. The AllTheBest website boasts several features that assist with SEO, making it a great place to start if you’re not ready to invest in expensive hosting.

WordPress SEO is also vital if you want to improve your ranking in Google search results.

4. WordPress SEO by Yoast

WordPress SEO by Yoast is an SEO plugin for WordPress that makes it very easy to implement best practices for search engine optimization. WordPress SEO by Yoast works well for many people and many websites, but it is not the perfect solution for every website. This is the website’s guide to why WordPress SEO by Yoast is a solid option for today’s websites.

On a typical WordPress website, there are millions of listings for product pages, navigation, posts, blog comments, and categories. Which of these listing types do I like the best? Which should be prioritized when it comes to SEO? And should any of these sub-pages need to be restructured?

After conducting extensive research, the authors of this plugin realized that the answer to all these questions depends on a number of factors, not all of which could be automated using WordPress SEO by Yoast. Thus, the plugin team created Yoast SEO by Yoast to provide this insight for websites.

As Yoast SEO by Yoast notes, there are a number of factors that can affect the ranking in search engines as a whole, not just on Google. These include:

How does Yoast help with this? Through a review analyzer, Yoast by Yoast provides SEO best practices, such as managing page titles and descriptions, tag re-ordering, and meta descriptions, SEO anchors, and page reviews.

Just as in the core framework of SEO, the goal of Yoast is to optimize overall performance by getting rid of duplicate content and to allow improvement through prioritization. The plugin is accessible via a simple and intuitive interface, making it the following option for any website.

Navigation plugins help the user navigate the site without having to navigate to the different pages one by one. For search engines, this can make navigation fast and efficient for long and complex layouts. They can also shorten the time-consuming process of going from one page to another. In doing so, smooth scrolling and user-friendly navigation make the user experience outstanding.

5. YITH WooCommerce Wishlist

YITH WooCommerce Wishlist is a plugin that lets your customers create a wish list with all the products you have on sale. Wishlists are displayed on the user’s profile, on the product page, and on the cart page. This plugin can be used by both e-commerce and non-e-commerce sites. Get your website ready for a successful WooCommerce store with this rock-solid plugin.

Ghostery is used by the top websites on the internet, as it blocks trackers used by bot networks and trackers used by websites you’ve never heard of to track you. Ghostery blocks the technologies used by some of the Web’s Worst Practices to track you, including tracker dots, ad-hoc link beams, pop-up tracking, cross-site tracking, and pixel tracking.

Mark Schultz is an independent content marketer and owner of the content agency Dream Beach Media. His expertise lies in content marketing strategies and creative direction for eCommerce and B2B companies. You can connect with him on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or by mail.


These five plugins will help you get the most out of your e-commerce site, making it easier to attract traffic and convert visitors into customers.



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