5 Effective Tips to Manage Your Heartburn

Effective Manage Your Heartburn

Once you’ve had heartburn, you’ll likely be able to recognize the symptoms of the burning sensation in your chest and the acid reflux that causes them. Unfortunately, heartburn can occur multiple times per day without warning, even if you’re following your doctor’s advice on how to manage your heartburn. Luckily, there are several effective tips to help you manage your heartburn more easily that may even prevent it from happening in the first place! Here are some of the best tips to help you manage your heartburn.

1) Be Mindful When Eating

Overeating is a leading cause of heartburn. When you eat, be mindful of how much you're eating and savor every bite. If you feel yourself getting full before your stomach is really stretched, then it's time to stop eating. 

While you're at it, drink some water before and during meals. It will help stretch your stomach so you can eat more comfortably. According to WebMD, about two glasses of water before eating can decrease heartburn symptoms by 70 percent!

2) Eat Smaller Meals   

The problem with heartburn is that it’s usually a symptom of an underlying issue, not a disease itself. In many cases, heartburn can be traced back to one of two things: eating too much or eating too quickly. The easiest way to prevent acid reflux after meals are simply by eating smaller portions and chewing your food well enough that you’re not swallowing large chunks. 

You should also sit down while you eat and avoid reaching for something while you’re walking around; both activities slow down your mealtime and allow time for your stomach and esophagus (the tube connecting it to your mouth) to empty out naturally. 

 3) Avoid Sugary Drinks

You might not think that a can of soda or a glass of juice would do much harm, but it’s a good idea to avoid these high-sugar drinks if you have acid reflux. Sugary drinks cause blood sugar levels and insulin production to spike, increasing your risk for heartburn—especially in people who already experience it regularly. 

In fact, diet soft drinks can be just as problematic as regular soft drinks because artificial sweeteners trigger food cravings and ultimately lead people to consume more calories than they otherwise would have. If you want something to drink with dinner or after a meal, choose water over any other beverage—or at least stick with unsweetened tea and coffee.

4) Exercise Regularly

Exercise helps keep your body healthy by strengthening your muscles, improving your blood flow, and promoting weight loss. In turn, exercise also helps reduce heartburn by helping you feel less stressed and more relaxed. So what are you waiting for? Hit that gym! One of the most effective ways to manage heartburn is by exercising regularly. 

Make time for at least 20 minutes of moderate aerobic activity a day. This can include going on a brisk walk, running on a treadmill, or riding a bike. Always check with your doctor before starting an exercise routine or if you have other health conditions that could impact your ability to work out.

5) Experiment With Different Diet Options

A lot of people say they have heartburn, but in reality, they actually have GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease). If you think you might have GERD and not heartburn, consult a doctor. The most effective way to manage your heartburn is by avoiding certain foods and taking medication when needed.

If you need medications, don’t just take them on an as-needed basis; talk with your doctor about setting up a schedule that works for you. Also keep in mind that weight loss can help reduce or even eliminate your heartburn, so consider losing weight if possible.


Don’t let heartburn get in your way! Follow these five easy tips and you can be back on track in no time. #1 eat regularly throughout the day, not skipping meals #2 minimize spicy foods #3 avoid alcohol consumption before bedtime #4 drink plenty of water throughout your day, avoiding sugary drinks like soda. And lastly, if you feel that you need it, take antacids regularly (make sure they’re approved by a doctor)



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