5 Reasons Why WordPress is the World’s Most Popular Content Management System

WordPress is the World’s Most Popular Content Management System

It's hard to argue with WordPress' market share and growing dominance as a CMS. It powers over 25% of the internet, in a single month there are 36 million+ downloads of WordPress, and 60 million people view nearly 3.5 billion pages on the WordPress network each month. So why is it so popular? There are many reasons why WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system (CMS). To name a few: its open-source platform, flexibility, security, speed — both in publishing and coding — ease of use, and cost-effectiveness.

1. Here are 5 reasons why WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system

1. It’s free WordPress.com is a free service and it’s very easy to use. There’s no need to buy any software or pay for hosting since it’s hosted for you by WordPress.com. Getting started is as easy as signing up and deciding what type of site you want to create.

2. Non-technical site owners — is it time to upgrade? Things get a little more complicated when you want to get into WordPress’s advanced features, such as a content promotion page, contact forms, and much more. An upgrade is necessary to take advantage of these advanced features.

3. Qualitative content marketing: becoming an expert in a subject is a great way to stand out from the crowd.

4. Integrations WordPress is a CMS that takes full advantage of modern CMS tools, such as a-Form, Postypimp, and Yoast. Combining these tools with other platforms, such as my.barackobama.com put me in a prime position for outreach opportunities.

5. Syncing content It doesn’t matter where you work or who you know; using modern CMS tools, all your content can easily be kept up to date without your having to visit each site individually.

WHAT TO HAPPEN: Hire a freelancer to create content for your website. Guest posting was the most common way to generate income until the pandemic accelerated the demand for content marketing strategies. There are many business opportunities in content creation. The new surge of CMS applications might change that.

WEB EXPLORER: WordPress is the world’s easiest content management system and has a large user base.

WordPress helps manage a website, blog, newsletters, online store, and a myriad of other online properties. No coding is required. No subscriptions are needed. Now that WordPress is the most popular CMS, all of this utility will have to translate into potential revenue.

WordPress attracts a new, hungry audience with its extensive suite of content creation tools. As an online content creator, you can capitalize on this opportunity to attract a new, targeted audience. It's easy to share and publish your work on social media and the audience finds you.

2. WordPress powers over 25% of the internet

WordPress powers over 25% of the internet. It’s also the most popular content management system on the web, and it’s free. If you’re looking to start a blog or website, WordPress is the easiest and most cost-effective option.

A tutorial is scattered throughout the conference without fail. One minute you’ll learn how to set up a WordPress website, another minute and you’ll be editing content, and another hour and you’ll have your first article online. If you’ve never used a CMS, here are some of the best WordPress tutorials we found:

WordPress was launched in 2005 as a blogging platform, and it only took six years for it to break into the “content management system” category. Although it isn’t a user interface (UI) CMS, after it was sold to Automattic in 2013, WordPress became a full-stack CMS (which includes content management and a CMS). However, although it’s mainly a CMS, there are even more features you can utilize.

Another difference that makes WordPress so appealing is its unique “Open Graph” feature. By combining your blog content (YML) and blog post (XML) you can create a short code snippet that works across all social networks, such as Instagram, Facebook, Google+, Reddit, Pinterest, and Twitter. This feature also lets you embed blocks of your blog on Pinterest, a Pinterest competitor.

WordPress also lets you create social profiles and basket pages, and if something receives 65+% positive feedback (approval) from users (followers), the site shows two social icons in the footer. Both pieces of content are automatically published once an approved page is published on your site.

Now that you know what makes a WordPress website successful, based on your requirements, here are four things you should consider to build a high-quality site:

Quick tips:

Don’t fall into the trap of trying to build a site with 1–2 posts and expect it to get good results. Trust me, it won’t.

3. it is an open-source platform that allows for flexibility, security, and speed

Check out WordPress.com's features, such as its flexibility, security, and speed. It's a great platform to get started with if you're just launching your blog. You can choose from a variety of pre-made themes and designs, or if you're a more creative person, you can design and code your own theme. However, even with a well-designed theme, WordPress is flexible enough to allow you to create a sophisticated website containing a lot of custom code.

WordPress’s popularity allows web developers to quickly create apps for mobile devices, such as games and social media. You can also write dynamic content and post it on your WordPress website, and you can sell your creations through a CMS. In a world where content is king, WordPress can produce some of the highest-quality, low-cost content while keeping your costs down. Learn how to create award-winning articles and blog posts with ease with WordPress.

Another major benefit of using WordPress is that it hosts most of the web’s most popular content, such as video blogs, news websites, image galleries, blogs — and many more. A website such as YouTube, one of the most viewed websites in the world, is hosted on WordPress.com. These properties are choosing WordPress for a reason. It ensures their users get a stable CMS with around two million plugins and that they’re able to add content and increase their traffic at a rapid pace.

Unlike other CMS such as Shopify, where you’d need to set up a web server and get an SSL certificate, WordPress lets you publish your website and has a Linux-based installer that is fast and secure. 24/7 support is also provided through their forums and emails, so as long as you’re using their tools correctly, you should be able to get your website up and running quickly and efficiently. A site is considered “live” when it has at least one active visitor. WordPress can also help you with SEO, as its pages can have an optimized image and a quality content length, meaning they can rank highly for keywords like “best new website”.

4. The ease of use and cost-effectiveness is also a reason why WordPress is so popular

Another reason why WordPress is so popular is that it’s so easy to use. It’s also easy to set up and maintain. It’s great because you don’t need to be a computer expert to build a great website. It’s also very cost-effective.

Why You Should Opt for a WordPress Content Management System

Nonetheless, it’s not difficult to have a website with a website — I’m not a computer expert either. I am like the poster child for this DIY movement. Since I started writing my first post, four years ago, my blogging and website hobby has transformed into living my lost passion. If you look at my stats from 2011, I wrote 115 posts, picked up two industry awards (a Community Attaché award and an SEO Stunt Executives award), and established myself as one of the leading authorities on online marketing. Not to mention, I’ve published over 47 blog posts of varying types with huge engagement, traffic, and social shares.

I will be the first to admit that I don’t have a formal marketing background. I learned everything I know online through blog posts and by reading and copying blog posts of people smarter than me. After years of doing this, I have acquired a strong knowledge of marketing.

 Apart from this, there is one thing that I picked up through years of blogging and also through listening to other great marketing professionals: good content.

Good content is essential for whitehat SEO

It’s always about one core principle when it comes to SEO: get your awesome content on the Internet. But that’s easy; it’s not that difficult. The problem arises when people produce great content and they don’t get the SEO benefits from ranking on the first page for their target keywords.

 It’s always about one core principle when it comes to SEO: get your awesome content on the Internet.

 But that’s easy; it’s not that difficult. It’s only an emotive word; it doesn’t get any easier.



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