7 Ways to Boost Your Income as an Amazon Associate

Ways to Boost Your Income as an Amazon Associate

One of the best ways to make money online as an affiliate marketer is to join Amazon Associates. As an Amazon Associate, you can earn commissions on any product you refer customers to purchase on Amazon. But there are also other ways to build your affiliate business with other affiliates that sell other products or services. This guide to becoming an Amazon Associate includes seven tips you can use to boost your income as an affiliate marketer with other companies selling their own products on Amazon's e-commerce platform.

1) Getting Started Amazon Associate

First things first. You need a website or some other type of business presence if you're going to be making money from being an Amazon associate. It might be tempting to start working on your site first, but set that idea aside for now - it'll only muddle your thinking! First, you need a way for people on your site to buy what they see on Amazon and then later get a commission for that sale. There are lots of ways you can do it, here are just a few: Product Linking (works with any product listing): This is by far my favorite method because it's easy, low-maintenance, and highly effective.

2) Filling Out your Details

Now that you’ve signed up, it’s time to log in and get familiar with your account. You’ll see a simple dashboard with a few links for shopping, reviewing items, and viewing sales. Here are a few of my favorite links: Â Profile - Â To edit your profile, click on Profile on top of the page by your name. Make sure you fill out all information including a headshot photo! Profiles without pictures rarely sell products! Inventory - This is where you can see all of your active listings. I always recommend checking here before posting new items as sometimes ASINs overlap or duplicates arise from different seller accounts or whatnot.

3) Sign up to Promote Other Companies' Products on your Blog

Promoting affiliate products allows you to boost your income without having to produce anything. By promoting someone else's products, you're able to earn a commission off their success rather than your own. This is also a great way to help those just starting out with their first business or those that haven't yet figured out what works best for them. Promoting affiliate products allows you head-start and eventually build a successful and self-sustaining business.

4) Choose Affiliate Programs

If you’re going to become an Amazon associate, one of your first decisions will be which affiliate programs you want to participate in. The single most important factor here is commission rate—the percentage of each sale that you earn. Once you know what constitutes a good commission rate for a certain product or service, it becomes easier to create a list of potential products for your site. 

This should include items that appeal to you and would interest your audience (the more products and services there are, the more opportunities there are for sales). Set Up Your Amazon Account: To begin participating in Amazon’s affiliate program, you'll need a professional seller account on Amazon's website; make sure you include all relevant information about yourself and take time to consider how customers might perceive your brand.

5) Optimize your Site

If you want to boost your income through your Associates's account, there are several small but important things you can do to increase revenue. One of these is optimizing your landing page—the page that people reach when they click on a link in one of your ads. The goal of your landing page should be getting visitors to actually purchase something. 

To maximize revenue, use specific product keywords and tags whenever possible (instead of generic terms like book or gift), show relevant coupons or special offers, and list similar products by customer rating or price point. Get Feedback: Another way to increase your Associates' income is by asking for honest feedback from potential customers about their experience browsing your store, purchasing products, and redeeming any available discounts.

6) Choose Relevant Keywords

The key to a successful Amazon affiliate site is a solid foundation of traffic that’s been drawn from relevant keywords. For example, let’s say you want to build a site around your interest in baking cupcakes. But maybe you don’t want to go it alone – maybe you want others at home or at work to join your kitchen efforts. In that case, make sure all of your words and phrases are relevant and helpful for those who might search online for advice about baking cupcakes – including any other ingredients, cooking temperatures, quantities, etc.

7) Use Competitive Search Terms

Many would-be affiliate marketers mistakenly focus only on products in their niche, thinking it will be easier to rank higher in search results and drive more traffic. But unless your site is so obscure that no one else is trying to rank for it, you’ll want to use competitive terms. Why? The top spots will be dominated by big brands and well-known sites, making them hard (if not impossible) for you to reach. For example, when I do a search for the best WordPress hosting on Google, I only get results from a few major providers: Bluehost, HostGator, and WordPress itself. That makes ranking at even #5 a big challenge!


The Ins and Outs of Working with Amazon Associates If you’re an affiliate marketer who is considering starting a website and joining forces with one of e-commerce's biggest giants, you should be aware that it’s not quite as simple (or lucrative) as it may seem. There are some important considerations to make before diving into a partnership, and while we hope that we’ve answered all your questions here today, there's no such thing as too much information! Our guide gives you everything you need to get started with your own campaign, so get researching! If you find yourself lacking in any way, feel free to reach out directly for advice or assistance.



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