8 Best Pool Tables for Purchase

The number of options out there when you are shopping for pool tables can be overwhelming. There are three general types of tables, each with its own advantages and disadvantages in terms of price, playing quality, and materials used to make the table. If you are looking to purchase one of these tables in 2017, look no further than this list of the 10 best pool tables currently available on the market.

1) 8 Foot Foosball Table

A foosball table is about seven feet long and three feet wide, making it one of the largest pool tables you can buy. It’s extremely durable and capable of withstanding years of play. The 8-foot version is best suited for homes with large living rooms; if you’re looking to take your game on the road, there are smaller (and much less expensive) models available. On Amazon, you can find a basic model starting at $300, though luxury models cost several thousand dollars. Foosball tables also come in folding varieties so they’re easy to store when not in use.

2) 2-In-1 Ping Pong & Air Hockey

If you’re looking to buy a pool table and want to make sure it can do double duty, we suggest checking out models that also include air hockey. Not only is it an affordable way to get two games in one, but you can even choose between a standard or mini version of both table games—great if you don’t have a lot of space. A few things to consider when shopping: The size will play a huge factor, especially if space is tight; look for something under 7-feet long and 4-feet wide. You also need to make sure there’s ample clearance around all sides (particularly behind) so multiple players can stand comfortably while playing.

3) Classic Victorian Style

A true classic, these tables are built to withstand anything that time can throw at them. Smooth and sophisticated, they’re an excellent choice if you’re looking for a more traditional table to introduce into your game room. The intricate detailing on these pieces is second to none; they’ll look like works of art in your home, too. If it suits your tastes, you can even order custom sizes! No matter what type of pool games you want to play—or how many players you have to accommodate—there are classic Victorian-style tables perfect for almost any space. Plus, these beauties won’t break your bank: prices start around $1,000.

4) American Heritage 5' Pool Table w/ Slate Bed

For a high-quality pool table that will last, look no further than American Heritage. Though they make an array of tables, you can't go wrong with one of their standard models. This 5' model is a great choice if you have a smaller area to work with and don't want to sacrifice quality or style. At 89 x 56, it's large enough to play comfortably while small enough that it won't overwhelm your room. Made from sturdy hardwood maple, expect superior durability from your purchase. The slate bed boasts 9mm thickness, providing resilience against chips and dings while allowing an even surface for balls to roll across.

5) Imperial 7' Billiard/Dining Combo

Designed to add a bit of class to your game room, Imperial’s 7' Billiard/Dining Combo is sure to impress. Complete with a 3 piece stainless steel wall rack and an attractive mahogany finish, you'll have what you need when it comes time to relax. This table features white tapered leg levelers, just in case your floor needs a bit of help. If you're ready to play some pool or host some dinner parties, check out Imperial's 7' Billiard/Dining Combo today!

6) Biggest Billiards Table Ever at 8 Feet

While it may not be practical, there is no denying that a pool table that is 8 feet long would be amazing. If you’re looking to invest in a quality pool table but want something that stands out from your peers’ billiard tables, look into buying one of these oversized options. The extra space can help you dominate your friends at a variety of billiards games and add an element of fun to your home bar or basement. If 8 feet isn’t quite big enough, don’t worry; you can find even larger options out there if needed! This option is great because it has quality construction, plenty of storage space underneath and even includes accessories like cue sticks and balls.

7) Wooden Folding 8ft Adjustable Height Portable Billiard Dining Cocktail Game Table

More than just a pool table, you’ll be able to play many types of games on it. It has two cues and four billiard balls. You can even play chess, checkers, or use it as a regular dining table. The legs fold up, allowing you to store it away when not in use. The dimensions are: 76 x 44 x 28 inches and folds into a 46 x 14 x 17-inch space. There is also an instruction manual that comes with it that details how to assemble and disassemble it for storage/transport and how to maintain and care for your new pool table. This unit costs about $110 from Amazon with free shipping from sellers from China.

8) Roundhill Furniture 8 Foot Pool Table with Competition Slate and Deluxe Accessories

Roundhill Furniture 8 Foot Pool Table with Competition Slate and Deluxe Accessories is a high-quality, affordable pool table that has all of the features you want. It's an ideal choice for anyone who wants to host tournaments or just have fun hanging out with friends. The slate material provides a smooth playing surface that will stand up to years of use, while its sturdy construction ensures that it will last forever. If you're looking for the great value in a great product, Roundhill Furniture 8 Foot Pool Table is your best choice. The competition-grade playfield boasts an exceptional level playing surface constructed from North American hard rock maple and dressed with 9-ply high-quality billiard cloth.


Whether you're an amateur or a pro, if you want to try your hand at billiards then purchasing one of these top-rated pool tables is a great idea. These are all top-quality games that will last for years to come and provide countless hours of entertainment. Whether you're seeking convenience, storage options, or durability, one of these models fits every need. Now's your chance to see what they can do - make sure to check out our guide on how to choose a good pool table!



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