9 Valentine Dressing Tips For Plus-Size Women

Valentine Dressing Tips For Plus-Size Women

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and if you’re like most women, you want to look your best. Many plus-size women put off shopping until the last minute because they think they won’t find anything that will fit them well or flatter their body type. The truth is, with just a few simple tips about dressing well in your size, you can feel good about your appearance and walk into any situation knowing you look fabulous! Here are ten Valentine dressing tips for plus-size women who want to make their dates swoon in February!

9) Look at Tops That Will Match Your Jeans

One of the most common mistakes plus-size women make is wearing a top that doesn’t match their bottoms. It may sound trivial, but don’t underestimate how much your outfit will fall apart if you don’t complement your pieces with those from a similar color palette. But choosing tops to wear with jeans is easier said than done. Jeans tend to be a bit dark, which makes it easy for bright colors and busy patterns to seem out of place. Instead, try mixing neutrals like black, white, and gray with different shades of blue or grey. If you want some added color without going overboard, throw in a neon belt or pair of shoes instead.

8) Wear Wide Leg Pants

Wide-leg pants, like these Ralph Lauren Wide-Leg Pants, are perfect for Valentine’s Day! The flared silhouette elongates your legs and gives you a long, lean look. An added bonus is that it helps disguise any problem areas you may have. A well-cut pair of wide-leg pants can make anyone feel better about themselves!

7) Shop for Long Sleeves

Don’t try to force your arm into a short sleeve. It may look cute on other girls, but it will only remind you of your biggest insecurity every time you catch a glimpse of yourself in public. Wear long sleeves that are fitted around your upper arms, then flow out into an airy hemline that adds visual volume to an area you might be trying to downplay. Wearing tops with ruffles or pleats can also make them more flattering for plus-size women.

6) Don't Forget About Accessories

One of the easiest ways to make your Valentine's Day outfit pop is with accessories. There are all kinds of things you can do to your outfit to make it even better, including adding a scarf, earrings, or other jewelry. Don't be afraid to wear something fun! Pick something out that's flirty and stands out! You'll be glad you did. You should also take into account what kind of clothing you're wearing when deciding which accessories will complement your overall look. For example, it probably won't be a good idea to wear bold colors if you're wearing neutral colors; doing so might end up clashing and looking weird rather than standing out in a good way.

5) Choose a Material That's Thick But Not Bulky

There are two ways to dress for winter: Either wear a warm but thin coat or wear a thick but not bulky coat. The latter is always going to be your best bet because it'll keep you warmer. Try to find coats that have non-bulky materials, such as wool or cashmere. Layering can still work in your favor here by helping you add bulk to your outfit while still feeling thin and stylish. Look for a formfitting but warm shirt under a nice, thick wool peacoat and pair it with skinny jeans and tall boots for an incredibly chic look. It's not about creating bulk; it's about finding layers that feel less heavy than they actually are.

4) Try Loose Blouses

When it comes to plus-size Valentine’s Day dressing, many women are looking for something that’s both sensual and chic. You can achieve both in a variety of different tops that are big enough to cover your curves while still being formfitting. On cold days, go with a loose blouse paired with leggings or jeans. If you prefer to keep your look warmer in cool weather, try a long sweater in red or black. These types of pieces are great for layering so you can wear them under other items for extra warmth when you need them. If you prefer to stay cool in summer weather, experiment with short-sleeved shirts in either solid colors or patterns like stripes or floral prints.

3) Go Bold With the Prints

Prints are a fun way to incorporate color into your outfits. When shopping for plus-size dresses, you'll probably find that prints are one of your best options. Prints help to camouflage parts of your body that you don't love and draw attention away from others. If you're hesitant about prints because they might not fit right, try to avoid images with things like leaves or flowers; they can look boxy or awkward when printed on larger dresses.

2) Go Long In Length And Accentuate Your Neckline

It’s nearly impossible to look thinner without feeling tall, but there are ways you can feel tall and look tall. Go for long lengths in shirts, dresses, and blouses. Find tops that will hit at your natural waistline to accentuate it. Look for styles with ruffles or that show off your neckline—all of these are great ways to play up vertical lines that make you feel taller. These tips can be used by plus-size women of all sizes! If you are a plus-size woman between 5’4′′ -5’8′′ these tips should work well for you!

1) Look At Plunging Necklines

The V-neck or plunging neckline is an extremely flattering trend, so it's no surprise that women of all sizes are embracing it. The beautiful part about plunging necklines is that they can be worn in so many different ways. Whether you want to play up your feminine shape by wearing a figure-flattering piece or you want to layer an oversized sweater for a casual look, you can do it with a plunging neckline. If you're looking for something cute and comfortable to wear on date night, remember that these styles will complement any top in your closet.


We hope you find these plus-size Valentine’s Day outfits for women helpful. You can follow up with us on Facebook or Pinterest for more ideas. And let us know which one of these plus-size outfits is your favorite! Happy Valentine’s Day!



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