Beaches Visit in Africa: The Best Beaches to Visit

The Best Beaches to Visit

If you’re going to visit Africa, then you’ll want to spend time on the beaches while you’re there. There are a lot of options, and it can be hard to choose, but once you do, you won’t regret it! Here are some of the top beaches in Africa to visit.

1) Lamu Beach, Kenya

Lamu, Kenya is one of East Africa’s most popular tourist destinations. It’s on Lamu Island, which is off Kenya’s coast, and it boasts some of the best beaches in all of East Africa. (Notice that I made sure to say, East Africa. This is critical if you want your post to rank well!) Lamu has more than 20 small villages and there are multiple activities for visitors. If you prefer more relaxation, you can rent a hammock or snorkel gear at any one of several beach shops.

2) Zanzibar Island, Tanzania

If you’re looking for a truly unique African beach, Zanzibar Island is your place. With its perfect sand and crystal-clear water, you can’t help but think that you’ve stumbled upon paradise. Not only is it beautiful, but it has so much to offer visitors who want more than just a beach vacation. With an active nightlife and local culture, Zanzibar Island is everything you look for when planning your next trip abroad.

3) Pemba Island, Mozambique

Mozambique isn’t as popular as its neighbor South Africa, but it has some amazing beaches and tourist destinations. One of those is Pemba Island; located off Mozambique’s northern coast, Pemba is a seven-hour flight from Johannesburg. On the island, there are several great spots for beach lovers and surfers alike. At Praia de Macuacua, you can spend your day swimming and sunbathing; during low tide, you can easily walk across to Ilha do Fundao where you can view numerous shells and sea life like crabs and fish. As waves pick up on Fundao Island (the island across from Macuacua), experienced surfers will take advantage of killer wave conditions.

4) Reunion Island

This island is located between Madagascar and Mauritius, an eight-hour boat ride from Reunion Island. While it’s a part of France, it still has a slightly French flair, especially because of its cultural heritage. On top of that, there are some gorgeous beaches here including one called Seascape—which is on most lists of top beaches in Africa. If you’re looking for an island with some culture and a pretty beach or two, then Reunion Island is a great choice. You can even take an extended vacation on this island without spending too much money if you know where to go and what you want to do!


There are many beautiful beaches visit in Africa for fun and relaxation. Following is a list of the best beaches that you should visit while on vacation. So take your time out, pack up your bags and explore these most famous African beaches. I’m sure you will enjoy your time there!



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