Sunglasses For Face Shape-How To Choose The Best Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

The Best Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

How do you choose the best sunglasses for your face shape? When you shop online, the question may pop into your head, Do I really need to know my face shape before I can buy a pair of sunglasses? The answer to that question is yes! Choosing the wrong pair of sunglasses can be a huge mistake. It can distort your appearance and hurt your eyes in the long run. This guide will walk you through choosing the right sunglasses by considering your face shape and hairstyle.

Eye Shapes

Knowing your face shape is also essential in choosing a flattering pair of sunglasses. Most sunglasses come in three distinct styles: rectangular, square, and round. These shapes work best for people with corresponding face shapes. If you’re purchasing sunglasses online, it can be helpful to bring a picture of yourself with you so that you can double-check and make sure that they actually look like they would on your face (luckily there are plenty of free stock images online). Once you know what style works best for your shape, start shopping around and find an affordable pair that fits your style and budget!

Round Faces

If you have a round face, it’s important to wear sunglasses that elongate your features. Try looking for sunglasses with angular, geometric shapes. Also, opt for larger lenses that cover your forehead and give your face length. If you want to go bold, try black or red color blocking to visually shrink your face shape.

Square Faces

If you have a square face, avoid large sunglasses with strong brows. It can make your face look even more squarish. However, long rectangular sunglasses are ideal for balancing out a square face shape by giving it some length. And rounded sunglasses can give your features more roundness, softening your jawline while bringing out your eyes. 

If you have deep-set eyes, stick to rectangular glasses with thinner frames so they don’t stick out even more. Also, watch out for eyewear that is too big or too small for your head—they’ll only accentuate one of your facial features without making up for another. If you have long hair or bangs, consider getting sunglass frames that are slightly bigger to allow them to show through.

Heart-Shaped Faces

If you have a heart-shaped face then most styles of sunglasses will fit you well. You can choose bold frames that will give you big looks, but be careful that they don’t block your features. Large round sunglasses are also good for making you look thinner because they balance out your facial features. Aviator sunglasses will also look good on your heart-shaped face because they elongate your features and make them look longer than they actually are. Suede is another material that looks great with any sunglasses for women's shape, so choose something in suede to bring out your unique sense of style.

Diamond Shaped Faces

If you have a diamond-shaped face, you should look for frames that are wider on top and narrower on the bottom. By adding width to your forehead, brows, and chin, you can soften features that might otherwise be too angular or harsh looking. Rectangular frames that run parallel to your cheekbones will do just that. Avoid styles with heavy arms as they will draw attention to any extra weight in those areas.


Choosing sunglasses for your face shape is important. It’s easy to buy any pair off the rack, but you’ll enjoy your new shades more if they fit well and flatter your face. By considering your face shape, you can also be sure that any pair you do decide on will look good on anyone wearing them. So before you take another step toward picking out a new pair of sunglasses, consider what face shape you have so that you can choose sunglasses for your face shape



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