The Best Sunglasses For Different Face Shapes

Best Sunglasses For Different Face Shapes

The most important thing to consider when buying sunglasses is your face shape! A poorly-fitting pair of sunglasses can ruin your whole look, but a great pair of sunglasses can make your best features stand out and hide any flaws you might have. With this in mind, we’ve put together an infographic to help you find the best sunglasses for your face shape! You don’t want to buy expensive designer sunglasses only to find that they don’t work on your face type, so make sure you take the time to check out this chart before you make your purchase!

Round Faces

Because of the oval shape of your face, you'll want to opt for sunglasses that are slightly oval in shape. The combination of rounded edges and straight lines should help balance out your facial features while also complementing your hair and clothing choices. Given the fact that the width is greater than the length, you can experiment with almost any sunglass shape and it will look good. Just make sure to avoid ones that don't match up with the size of your face; for example, round shapes on long faces won't work well.

Oval Faces

Because of the oval shape of the face, glasses that are more square on top and longer on the bottom can look great. Frames that do not extend too far out towards the sides will also compliment your face shape. If you have an oval face, it is recommended to go for a pair of oval sunglasses as well. Your best bet would be to go with a smaller-sized frame as well as a thinner lens width if you have an oval face since these features help elongate your face shape. There are multiple sunglass styles available in stores nowadays so you should have no trouble finding exactly what you need.

Square Faces

While you might think of square faces as more masculine, it’s not just for the boys. Girls can rock square-shaped glasses just as well, but the frames need to be wider than they are thick. Try large rectangle or oval shapes instead of round frames or straight-lined edges—that will help you get away from the harshness of the squared shape. Avoid rounded lenses, if possible; they can make your face look even longer than it is already. If you really want something with a hint of retro flair, go for geometric cat-eye frames—but ensure that they aren’t too fussy or frilly at the same time. If in doubt, ask your optician to help you figure out which style looks best on your face.

Heart-Shaped Faces

When it comes to sunglasses, a heart-shaped face is a solid foundation for a stellar look. Because of the sloping cheekbones and rounded jawline, you have lots of flexibility when it comes to choosing your preferred shape. Heart-shaped faces look great in classic aviators with both plastic and metal frames. Make sure to get a pair that has adjustable nose pads for a custom fit. If you’re going for a more retro look, don’t be afraid to try out cat-eye frames, which were popular in the ‘50s and ‘60s. This style looks especially good on heart-shaped faces because of its elongating effect on your face.

Triangle Faces

If you have a wider jawline and cheekbones, your face will fall into the triangle shape category. This type of face shape is best suited for sunglasses with straight edges and angular lines. Examples of sunglasses that suit triangle faces are aviators, but ideally, you should go with one that tapers out towards the ear, as opposed to curving around the cheekbone. The latter will cause them to distort your features further. Also, ensure they don’t rest on your cheeks. If they do, you’ll only appear boxier than usual. You can always adjust them later if need be or choose a pair where you can adjust their size to fit perfectly on your face.


What you should take away from all of the above is that the only person who can tell you what types of sunglasses look best on your face shape is yourself. Don’t worry about what other people think. If you like it, and it looks good, then wear it! No one has to know how much time and thought you put into choosing the perfect pair of sunglasses for your face—only be sure to choose wisely; because there's nothing worse than finding out a $50 pair would have looked just as good as a $100 pair.



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