The Biggest Source of Traffic for Your Online Business? It's Not What You Think!

The Biggest Source of Traffic

As a digital marketer, you’re always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to bring traffic to your website and generate leads. The truth is that there are plenty of traffic sources available to your business, but not all of them are effective or reliable. That’s why you need to know where the majority of your website visitors are coming from right now — and if they’re actually converting into leads and paying customers — before you decide to spend money advertising elsewhere. We've done the research for you!

1. The most effective and reliable traffic sources

Traffic is king. Since Google first started ranking websites, Internet marketers have recognized the value of getting traffic. Just as important, knowing how to get the traffic you need is a step toward becoming a successful online business. The best source of traffic for your blog or website may not be what you think it is. There's a lot of hype around social networking sites, search engine optimization (SEO), and email list building - but it can be hard to determine which of these tactics is most effective for your business.

2. How to use the best traffic sources for your online business

How big is the source of traffic for your online business? It’s not what you think! Every business has some traffic coming in from "the main net" which is dominated by Google. The real question you should be asking yourself is: What is the best way to use this traffic to your advantage? It could be promoting your products on Google AdWords (which gets you a bunch of "backlinks"""), paying for video views through YouTube ads, or even getting affiliate links from other websites that are helping drive traffic to your site.

3. The 3 biggest traffic sources that digital marketers are overlooking

There are 3 big traffic sources that digital marketers are overlooking. They aren’t just huge, they’re the lifeblood to so many businesses and sites that many fail to take advantage of them. These traffic sources have been responsible for feeding my business nearly 40 percent of its traffic for the past 12 months. These are the sources you should be focusing your time and energy on if you want more traffic, leads, and sales for your online business.

4. How to make the most of each traffic source and ensure it's working for you

Have you ever wondered which source of traffic is the biggest source of potential for your online business? You probably know Google and Facebook as the king and queen of online traffic, respectively. But have you considered other sources of traffic? More specifically, have you considered search engine optimization (SEO)? Search engine optimization (SEO) is a process that differentiates sites that are ranking well from those that aren't. It's important to spend some time looking at search engine optimization (SEO) so that you can get ahead in the rankings and see more targeted traffic from the right places.


There are plenty of ways to promote your business online, but not all of them will bring you targeted leads and paying customers — including social media! Learn how to get more out of your current traffic sources, and where your biggest opportunities lie.



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