10 Best Marketing Subreddits You Should Join in 2022

10 Best Marketing Subreddits You Should Join in 2022

Reddit can be an extremely valuable source of information and support if you are running your own business. In addition to the various market-specific subreddits, there are also general marketing-related ones as well, allowing you to both learn new things about your business and also receive useful feedback from other professionals in the industry. Here are 10 of the best marketing subreddits that you should join in 2022 if you haven’t already done so.

1) Create your own subreddit

While Reddit is known as a social network, it’s also a thriving community of like-minded people sharing information and sparking conversation. If you have a passion for marketing and are looking to build an audience, then why not start your own Reddit? There’s no better place than to share your unique insights with people who are already interested. Plus, now that self posts can be posted as links on r/popular (along with r/all), there’s no better time than now! Here are 10 subreddits dedicated to marketing you should know about

2) Promote it to gain subscribers

Reddit is a fantastic resource for marketers, and it’s growing by leaps and bounds every year. The subreddit that’s most important to you depends on your business niche—but here are 10 marketing subreddits that are worth your time. Set up profiles on each, post relevant content whenever possible (try to get at least 1 post per week out of each), comment when you have something relevant to say or ask questions when you don’t know something, and show a genuine interest in their conversation. Redditors will be able to tell if you’re just trying to spam them—and they won’t like it one bit.

3) Come up with a topic everyone can contribute to

To be honest, if you really want to make a splash on reddit, it’s important to find a topic that can inspire people from all different backgrounds and walks of life. The beauty of reddit is that every person who logs on is a potential user of your product. If you’re targeting a specific audience then target subreddits that are devoted to that particular niche and craft your discussion around them. There will always be users looking for new ways to improve their work efficiency and others who are interested in new technology.

4) Look at the top posts of all time

These subreddits have already proven their value to marketers and should be on your radar. I would also recommend joining all of these, but if you’re short on time, at least try to get a feel for how active they are (by looking at recent posts). To save you some time, here’s a list of 12 marketing-related subreddits that are worth joining: /r/marketing /r/buzzfeedmarketing /r/advertising /r/internetmarketing101 /r/smallbusiness /r/prblogs /r/influencermarketing

5) Pay attention to what is being upvoted

Reddit has upvoting and downvoting features that can give you a better idea of what people are interested in on Reddit. It's important to see what is being upvoted so you know what types of posts to make. Pay attention to posts related to marketing, PR, strategy and other business-related fields. This will help you learn about your target audience and give you ideas for topics for your own content. To get a better understanding of how Redditors think about your niche, it's also helpful to look at subreddits that are outside of marketing or business.

6) Curate content around specific topics

One of our favorite places to gather content is Reddit. Reddit can be a scary place if you don’t know what you’re doing, but it’s still a source of great content. The trick to using Reddit as a resource for curating information is knowing where to go and who to follow. We use subreddits specific to particular marketing topics, such as SEO and affiliate marketing. We like using relevant subreddits because they allow us to connect with other marketers who have similar interests and questions, which is useful if we ever have an issue that requires some additional research or advice on social media channels. If you haven’t tried browsing Reddit before, now might be a good time to get started!

7) Tag people you’d like to see contributing content

Chris Anderson, Joe Pulizzi, Todd Defren and Brian Honigman. . . along with title as an additional tag. This is all about joining your own team! My team will be all about innovation and marketing strategy. We will use Reddit as a crowdsourcing channel for new content ideas. I’m already planning my first launch! The target audience? Content marketers that want to break into something new. What topic should we discuss? A step-by-step guide to creating your own crowdfunded business. Also, some sections you can write: How To Find Ideas For Crowdfunding, How To Promote Your Campaign, What Are The Rewards, etc.

8) Keep up with good ideas and news items on subreddits you frequent.

Reddit is an extremely useful resource when it comes to staying up-to-date on specific industries and skill sets. There are many subreddits that feature articles or news items relevant to marketers. Many of these subreddits are relatively small with fewer than 5,000 subscribers, so they won’t inundate your feed with useless information. If you want to make sure you stay on top of your game in marketing, make sure you check out some of these 10 marketing subreddits below. These subreddits can help market experts stay current on everything from social media trends to new tools

9) Build relationships with moderators. They often have content control over their subreddits.

Reddit is composed of a number of smaller subcommunities known as subreddits. These are forums with their own rules, users, moderators and so on. If you build relationships with these moderators (which is easy to do since they're users just like you), you can post your marketing content there without being banned for being a spammer. This will get your brand in front of some potentially valuable eyeballs without having to pay for it. For example, if you sell personal computers and are targeting IT pros who spend time on Reddit, then r/techsupport might be a good place to share helpful articles about computers.

10) Create a useful resource

Take a look at your niche and think about how you can contribute to it. What kinds of information, resources, or tools would be helpful to others? Sometimes, it can be hard to think of anything that hasn’t already been covered. Luckily, there are plenty of sites out there that specialize in identifying these gaps in valuable content and providing prompts for ways to fill them. If you’re an online marketer or social media expert who regularly posts useful advice and tips on Facebook or Twitter, consider joining forces with one of these sites by contributing one piece every month—or even just sharing their content through your networks.


There’s an ongoing debate among professionals in marketing, content marketing, and SEO about which marketing-related subreddits are most valuable. It’s nearly impossible to sort through it all when you’re just getting started; however, we can help. In compiling a list of the best marketing subreddits you should join in 2022, I tried to cover both general subreddits that anyone can participate in as well as more niche groups. My hope is that these will act as good places for you to get ideas for your own content creation campaigns and provide some motivation for continuing your participation on Reddit. Happy Redditing!



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