5 International Vacation Spots Kids Will Love

When you’re planning an international vacation, it can be hard to know what attractions your kids will like and what kind of itinerary they’ll enjoy. Luckily, there are some universal kid-friendly destinations that all children adore, no matter their age or interests. Consider taking the family on an adventure to one of these five fantastic international vacation spots kids will love!

Hakone, Japan

Located just 80 miles west of Tokyo and not too far from Mount Fuji, Hakone is a very popular vacation spot for Japanese families. The region is filled with natural hot springs, great for relaxing (and kids will love them), as well as tons of onsen hotels. You’ll also find museums in town that focus on both traditional crafts and modern arts, an extensive park nearby where you can picnic or play sports, great restaurants, and cafes to try out new foods, and a popular amusement park for rides (or just to walk around). It’s a fun place no matter what you do!

Vienna, Austria

This city is home to some of Europe’s most beautiful architecture and cleanest streets, plus it hosts a wide range of museums and events for kids, from horseback riding at Schönbrunn Palace to Ferris wheel rides at Prater amusement park. And don’t forget: Vienna is also famous for its whipped-cream-topped pastries, like Sacher tortes and Apfelstrudel. The high-calorie sweets may seem unappealing to adults, but little ones will love them! Simply follow your child’s lead when it comes to these indulgences; if she loves them (or has never tried them), pack her an extra piece or two in her carry-on bag as an extra treat.

Bruges Belgium

Bruges is one of those rare places where kids will get a kick out of exploring, walking, and taking insights. Many travelers call Bruges boring but many more say it’s one of their favorite destinations to visit with children. The city has a lot going on that keeps kids engaged throughout their visit. One of its largest attractions is its historic center which is filled with medieval buildings such as churches, townhouses, and city walls that date back to the 13th century. There are also several museums such as Groeningemuseum and Basilica of the Holy Blood, which feature interactive displays and hands-on exhibits that make learning fun for kids.

Prague, Czech Republic

Home to one of Europe’s most impressive castles, Prague is an ideal location for parents with inquisitive kids. Hradčany Castle has been a showpiece of Prague since its founding in 1038. The castle includes an interactive history museum for children that offers hands-on activities and fun storytelling sessions throughout most days. It's also close to several other historical and cultural sites that children can explore, like Charles Bridge and St. Vitus Cathedral, which features a famous astronomical clock visitors can get up close with. Perhaps best of all is that many nearby museums offer free entry on Friday nights as part of their night at the museum event, so a trip to Prague can easily be both entertaining and inexpensive.

Stockholm Sweden

Famously friendly and beautiful, Stockholm is a fantastic place to vacation with kids. Stroll through Old Town’s cobblestone streets and you’ll find cafes filled with families, street performers entertaining children, artists crafting handicrafts, and plenty of great shopping options. When in doubt, bring your kids to a public park; you’ll likely discover how entertaining Mother Nature can be. Start out with Skansen Kronan, where you can learn about Swedish history while biking around or riding horses. Next up, visit Gröna Lund, an amusement park sure to thrill your little ones. Finally, walk around Gamla Stan and explore medieval architecture—kids love getting lost among the narrow passageways! Once it gets dark, enjoy some delicious food at historic restaurants such as Ahlströms Konditori. Keep an eye out for Sweden’s famous Tine Hole in The Wall.


Having kids doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy travel. The key is to go to places where you can make your vacation meaningful, educational, and fun for kids. Make sure you bring a digital camera so you have photos as mementos of your family vacation. You may want to create scrapbooks when everyone gets home or take a class on how to use photo-editing software so that you can keep these vacations alive in your family’s memory!



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