How to Apply Face Base Primer for Pore Minimiser

Many women struggle with enlarged pores, uneven skin tone and fine lines that make their skin look older than it should be. To combat these issues and give your skin the boost it needs, you should use a face base primer before applying your foundation or tinted moisturizer. Face base primer works by holding your skin in place for longer, meaning it’s much less likely to wrinkle up during the day. It also fills in wrinkles and pores to give your skin a smoother appearance, making it look younger and more vibrant.

Why use base primer?

Use base primer to create an even surface, as well as fill in your pores so that they do not become enlarged and more noticeable. Always use a primer underneath foundation in order to achieve flawless results! If you are on a budget, there are many drugstore alternatives available. Keep reading for our tips on how to choose one that is best suited for your skin type.

What is pore minimising base primer?

A primer is an important element in a makeup routine. It’s used as a preparation before applying foundation or face base. The function of primer is to minimize pores and imperfections in order to achieve smoother skin and ideal canvas for application of foundation. Some also serve additional functions such as hydrating, brightening, etc., depending on their ingredients. When applying pore minimising base primer, make sure that you cleanse your face first. You may apply facial wash or cleanser with warm water or simply use a mild cleanser with your hands without any water at all if you want something quick. Pat dry your face gently with towel so that it can be slightly damp but not overly wet.

Preparation before applying face base primer

Prepare your skin with face wash, toner, essence and ampoule, etc. Step 1. Clean face after facial wash in AM or PM Wash your face with a hydrating cleanser and rinse thoroughly. 2. Tone face with a soothing toner Immediately after cleansing, apply a softening or anti-inflammatory toner all over your face until it's slightly dry. This step will allow you to see how much excess oil or dirt remains on your skin so that you can determine if additional steps are necessary. 3. Use an ampoule or facial essence An ampoule is used as an addition source of hydration for very dry and dehydrated skin types; an essence delivers active ingredients at a high concentration into your skin's surface 4.

Applying face base primer for pore minimisation

Step by Step. (1) Smear a dollop of face base primer over your palm using your fingers and transfer onto face base. (2) Using fingertips, work evenly over your face until fully absorbed. TIP: For pore minimisation, best use facial cream that comes with properties of mattifying agents such as niacinamide or salicylic acid, as well as suitable moisturisers like hyaluronic acid or ceramides. (3) Follow up with application of foundation or BB cream by dotting on forehead and nose area first before working outwards towards cheeks and chin until you've covered all areas from center outward!

After applying face base primer for pore minimisation

do not rub in, but allow it to dry naturally. This will help keep your make-up looking new and fresh all day long and reduce signs of aging. Continue with your foundation application on top, using a large brush (e.g. a Buffing Brush). Always apply towards your ears, otherwise you risk streaking or uneven coverage; always follow your cheekbones up towards your hairline, allowing natural light and air in between each pass. Stop just short of your eyebrows (think about when you use hairspray on a hairdryer - do you spray into an open flame? Nope!) or allow them to get slightly damp from misting with water; then quickly apply mascara as normal, before they dry out completely and stick together!


If you’re looking to reduce your pores and smooth out your skin, look no further than a face base primer. Simply dab some on with a cotton pad and spread over your face, just like you would any other primer. You’ll instantly notice an improvement in how clean and even-toned your complexion looks, giving you a softer and smoother appearance. Now that is one poreless face.



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