How to Drive a Ton of Free Traffic from Reddit

How to Drive a Ton of Free Traffic from Reddit

You’ve probably heard that Reddit has some of the best free traffic available, and you may have even tried it out yourself. But if you haven’t seen much success with it yet, it’s probably because you haven’t taken advantage of all the tools at your disposal on this platform that allows you to target potential customers so precisely and effortlessly. Read on to learn how to drive a ton of free traffic from Reddit, including five effective tips and strategies you can use right away to help improve your success rate.

Build an account

First, make sure you read through and understand Reddit’s content policy . What kinds of posts are considered spam? Don’t do anything that would cause your account to be banned. In addition, ensure you have a catchy title for your profile so people will want to click on it in search results. Once you’ve got an account going, check out /r/betterwithpics or /r/dataisbeautiful for inspiration. Then make some killer graphics ( Imgur is free). Finally, find subreddits with relevant communities. Reddit makes it easy to spot them: just check out what shows up when you go to www . reddit . com/domain/. For example, if I type bloggersapprentice . com into my browser I see a community called /r/thisishowyoublewit as well as subreddits about blogging and start-ups. Find interesting news articles relevant to your industry , turn them into attractive graphics with captions , and post them in relevant subreddits.

Learn the lingo

Before you start posting on Reddit, familiarize yourself with all its major lingo and conventions. Knowing what OP (original poster) or I Am A (I am a) stands for, is just as important as knowing what sub-reddits are relevant to your interests. There are more than enough resources online that can teach you how Reddit works, but before diving in make sure you have mastered some of these basics. The better understanding you have of how Reddit works, and most importantly why it works that way, will help inform everything else you do when trying to drive traffic from it.

Post on Subreddits relevant to your niche

What you want to do is post your content on subreddits that are relevant. The first thing you should know is that not all subreddits are created equal. In fact, some cater more towards marketing and others towards community building. If your goal is more brand-building, then stick with subreddits such as /r/smallbusiness, /r/startups or /r/entrepreneur; they’re very open and welcoming to self-promotion if it’s in context (more on that later). But if you want more engagement with your readers, try communities like /r/blog or /r/infotainment; their audience tends to be less receptive towards spammy content since they have their own blogs or websites already.

Comment on related posts

Reddit is home to thousands of niche communities, known as subreddits. Each one is devoted to an individual topic and could be your key to reaching tens or even hundreds of thousands of people who share a common interest in your content. You can find relevant subreddits through searching or by browsing popular subreddit lists (which often serve as community-vetted recommendations for new redditors). Here’s how it works: go here, click on new, and create an account. Now that you're in, look for other posts related to yours - click on their comments and upvote them until you hit gold. When you get there, comment on those posts linking back to your own content. It will show up on their page and drive more traffic back!

Engage in conversations with readers

When you contribute valuable information, don’t expect anything in return. Although Reddit might be intimidating at first, it has a community feel and provides a great opportunity for meaningful relationships that can drive traffic back to your site. The key is to participate and genuinely engage with others. If you are self-promoting too much, others will notice and often downvote your posts or report them as spam—Reddit users are not interested in promoting other people’s content. Be genuine with your contributions and provide value first before asking for something in return. Be sure to participate in conversations related to your niche by commenting on answers, offering advice and suggestions when appropriate and also ask questions when you don’t understand certain aspects of discussions taking place on subreddits that you visit regularly.

Advertise in subreddits

Targeted advertising on Reddit can be an incredibly effective way to reach your target market and drive targeted traffic back to your site. There are two main options: promoted posts and banner ads. Promoted posts are placed at the top of relevant subreddits, while banner ads run along either side of content pages and link out directly to external sites. The difference is that you can adjust or cancel your ad anytime, meaning you can try different strategies without much risk—just keep in mind there’s no guarantee anyone will click on it. Banners also have less impact than promoted posts, since they sit along side other content instead of being featured at its top—but you get more impressions for every dollar spent, which helps if you’re looking for exposure instead of direct sales.

Do Ask Me Anything (AMA)

The idea behind an AMA is simple: someone with a bit of knowledge on a particular subject (let's say, like, cars) creates an AMA post stating that they'll be available for questions for an hour or so. Anyone interested in cars can tune in and ask them anything; it might not be as good as getting advice from your local mechanic, but it's more than nothing. AMAs tend to drive traffic and can even lead to media coverage if you have something interesting or newsworthy to say. An AMA is fairly easy to execute; just create an account and submit your proposed post on their /r/AMA subreddit, and once approved users will find out that you're available for questions within 24 hours or so. The biggest takeaway?

Start commenting on other subreddits

Before you can drive traffic to your website, you need people visiting your website. You need targeted traffic that’s interested in what you have to say or offer. The best way to get targeted visitors—visitors that are likely already interested in what you have—is by submitting links where they already hang out: other subreddits. Remember, as we covered before: Commenting is one of those things that’s easier said than done. But with practice, it gets a lot easier.


There are several ways to drive traffic for free using Reddit and you should try all of them, but you have to be very careful when playing with people’s emotions. What works one day might not work another, so make sure that you continually test out new ideas, monitor your success and stay up-to-date on what is working for other people. The most important thing about driving traffic from reddit is not allowing it to become black hat as soon as someone figures out how it can be done. Once reddit bans an approach then everyone else will follow suit if they see their competition still taking advantage of it. So make sure that you keep an eye on what other subreddits are doing and use common sense when figuring out if something will get your account banned.



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