How to get massive traffic from reddit in just 8 minutes

Reddit, or the front page of the internet, has become one of the most powerful sites on the web and the source of massive traffic for many sites and businesses. If you have to ask yourself how to get traffic from reddit then I’m glad you’re here and will show you what you need to do in order to effectively drive massive amounts of traffic from reddit in just 8 minutes without any experience. Let’s get started!

Choose a highly relevant subreddit

Go to Reddit and find a niche subreddit that might be interested in your post. If you are an entrepreneur, for example, then maybe check out /r/entrepreneur or /r/business. Or if you’re a designer, try /r/design. This will help you avoid getting flagged as spam by Redditors who hate self-promotion. Make sure that there isn’t already a thread about what you want to share (and be sure it's not too similar) and then simply respond to someone else’s post (just a simple Yeah! I couldn't agree more! works great). Only share content that is valuable and relevant and only share once; comments like Great post!

Don’t be scared to publish links

Redditors hate self-promotion—and any blatant marketing could result in getting banned from an entire subreddit. However, there are a few things you can do to market yourself without being too aggressive. Link to your own content sparingly, and try linking it with other posts that support your argument or include statistics or images related to your topic. When you do decide to link your own content, ensure that it’s relevant and that there is no way Redditors could interpret it as spam. Making even a small comment after posting something is also good practice: It helps people know who you are and makes them more likely to read what you’ve posted.

Use images where possible

When you share content on Reddit, you have only a few seconds to convince people that your content is worth looking at. To do that, make sure that it’s clear, interesting and/or funny. And since about 60% of Reddit users access it through their phones or tablets, posting an image-rich submission is crucial. Studies show that viewers are likely to stay on a page with an image for three times longer than they would if it didn’t contain one; some research has even suggested higher click-through rates for links accompanied by images (48%) than links without them (21%). The takeaway? Make sure your posts aren’t text-only: Images matter more than ever on Reddit, so don’t miss out!

Keep it short

Most redditors are busy and don’t have time for long content—short link your URL. If you want to try and generate some backlinks or referrals, share a link that directs readers elsewhere with an appropriate comment (like I thought you might like X. Here it is: Y). As redditors become more familiar with your content, they’ll be more likely to click through on links in your comments (as opposed to a URL link above). Once they start clicking, you can send them deeper into your site for even more value.

Do your research about the topic

First, I had to learn about Reddit. How does it work? What are Subreddits? The more you know about a platform before trying to market yourself on it, the better your chances will be of success. Remember: If you don’t put in time and effort learning how something works and figuring out how you can add value, then no one else will either! Read articles such as A Complete Beginner’s Guide To Reddit by The Huffington Post or watch videos like Reddit AMA: Everything You Need To Know About This Game-Changing Social Platform! on Social Media Examiner. Do whatever it takes to understand both what Reddit is and why people use it. (This should take up most of your time)

Use good quality text with correct spelling and grammar

The first thing any redditor will notice when reading your submission is whether or not you took time to spellcheck and proofread. It’s a simple but important detail that could make or break your chances of getting upvoted by a stranger on an online forum. Even if you are using a free account, it’s worth taking 15 seconds to run your text through Grammarly before hitting submit. This tool will catch most spelling errors and provide quick explanations for grammar mistakes, saving you precious time as well as giving other users confidence in your content. The more upvotes you get, the higher your post rises and makes it easier for others to find it; getting quality feedback can be useful even if there aren’t many comments since those votes indicate popularity.

Post as many relevant links as you can

Reddit is a numbers game. Each time you post on a subreddit, you want as many eyes as possible looking at your link. So include several links with each submission and be sure to check each post's individual page for links that are appropriate to additional subreddits or other websites. If you’re looking for inspiration, here are some subreddits related to blogging: /r/blogging , /r/contentmarketing , /r/seo .

Repost your link on different days and times

Post your link on Reddit at different times and on different days of the week. If you have a slow-loading website, wait until nighttime when people are less active online. Before posting your links, read through Reddit's sidebar to see if there are any special rules or guidelines you should know about. The community won't like it if you use inappropriate words, post irrelevant material or break any other rules--and they'll let you know! Experiment with different headlines: The headline is one of your most powerful tools when trying to generate traffic from Reddit. The more enticing it is, the more people will be likely to click on it and visit your site.


Reddit has always been a great source of free traffic and leads, but many new marketers don’t understand how it works. Today I’m going to show you exactly how I was able to drive 700+ organic visitors to my site within an hour or so by using reddit. If you would like more information on Reddit marketing and how you can start getting high quality backlinks, click here . This is why I love SEO because of its pay-it-forward nature; one person makes something awesome and gives it away for free for everyone else (users) and gets rewarded for their creation via links/traffic/exposure/clicks etc. That’s really cool!



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