How to Increase Your Reddit Karma 10 Times Faster

Reddit Karma

If you’re like most redditors, you’ve probably tried to increase your karma many times over, but haven’t had any luck. Your first piece may have gotten some attention from fellow redditors, but after that, it seems as though your posts are falling on deaf ears. Fortunately, there are things you can do to increase your reddit karma in record time and make the whole process easier, too! This article will outline how to increase your karma 10 times faster by taking advantage of subreddits, voting patterns, and posting schedules.

Targeted Subreddits

Before posting something on reddit you should find a subreddit that your content is appropriate for. You can find subreddits using their subreddit search or using their advanced search. Both of these searches will allow you to narrow down subreddits by subscriber count, language, and subreddit type which makes it easier for you to fit in. The best way to make sure your post gets upvotes is by finding a high-traffic subreddit with people who are interested in what you have posted. If your post ends up in an unpopular or irrelevant subreddit then it will quickly fall off of everyone's radar and won't get any further attention from anyone.

Use Multiple Subreddits

When posting on Reddit, it’s a good idea to create accounts for multiple subreddits. This allows you to post in smaller communities which may have less subscribers but will be more engaged than larger subreddits. Also consider signing up for some of your favorite subreddits as well as some that are relevant to your interests and business. If you do decide to use multiple accounts, make sure you link them all to one account so that they share karma!

Post in These Time Periods

These Time Periods Are When Most People Sleep and Least People are Online : The best time of day to post on reddit is between 9pm and 12am, although you’ll also see a slight spike in activity between 2pm and 3pm. And when you post on reddit, don’t worry about proper timing because your post will automatically get pushed out at least three hours no matter what time you submit it. Just make sure that your content is relevant for that hour of day; for example, posting about grilling recipes during work hours probably won’t be well received by most redditors. Use these statistics wisely when formulating a content plan or deciding whether a particular topic will resonate with people at different times of day.

Crafting an Attention Grabbing Title

Whenever you submit a link on reddit, your title will be one of your first lines of defense against sinking into obscurity. Make sure it's succinct and grabs attention (but doesn't use ALL CAPS). Give people a reason to click on your post by including a question or an intriguing statement in your title. Quotes are also great ways to make your title stand out—as long as they aren't ripped from elsewhere! Be careful not to confuse quoting with plagiarism, though; you can usually get away with paraphrasing someone's comment by giving them credit in parentheses at end of quote.

Post a Meme

We know what you’re thinking: How can posting memes possibly help you get more karma? Truth is, it probably won’t. On a serious note, however, sharing images with your audience can increase engagement and foster discussion. In other words, if you share an image that sparks a debate about Islamophobia or sexism in society , for example, users might comment on your post. That's where your chance for increased karma comes in. Other redditors will be watching your user activity in order to upvote or downvote future posts—so as long as you continue posting good content, people will come back for more.

Read the comments before posting

Remember, on reddit—as in life—you get what you give. When you post a comment, it’s not only your text that can make or break your karma: The quality of your reply is just as important as what you have to say. When commenting on a thread, make sure to read through other comments first (we promise they won’t bite). Take note of which questions people have and try to answer one that hasn’t been addressed yet. Also take note of where people disagree and join in with a measured response rather than siding with an already established opinion.

Grab people’s attention quickly

This tip is going to sound like common sense, but I’ve seen many posts on reddit that fail to do exactly that. Readers don’t just jump onto any old post—they carefully examine each submission and decide whether or not it has a high chance of being relevant for them. If you want people to read your content, be sure that you open with something interesting and appealing. Try using an eye-catching title or an attention-grabbing question in your first paragraph; both will make readers more likely to click through (as long as you follow up with something worthwhile). Finally, make sure that your post includes a summary, even if it is brief.

Customize your header image as necessary

Upload a high-quality image of your choosing, but make sure it’s unique and professional so you look like a legitimate person. You can also upload an image that clearly identifies who you are. This helps engage with people in conversations who already know who you are. Write an introduction paragraph as necessary: If you have a large following on another platform or if you have been living under a rock for the past decade, chances are good that people will recognize your username right away. In some cases, it might be better not to hide your identity because readers will naturally flock toward recognizable names they already know and respect. If they don’t know who you are from somewhere else, then it makes sense to include an introduction paragraph at first that says something like Hi!


For a long time, I tried all sorts of different ways to increase my karma and my readership on reddit. While I did get better at it over time, it was never quite what I wanted. But then, one day while perusing reddit with my girlfriend (yes! she knows about reddit) she asked me a question that changed everything for me: Do you want people reading your posts, or do you want people upvoting your posts?



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