The 10 most effective reddit marketing strategies to make your business successful

The 10 most effective reddit marketing strategies to make your business successful

Reddit is one of the largest online communities and often referred to as the front page of the internet. It has over 250 million unique visitors and 542 million page views each month, making it one of the best places to promote your business. However, there are several challenges that many business owners don’t know about when trying to tap into this massive audience and often end up making all of the mistakes that could have been easily avoided with a little bit of information beforehand.

Post Relevant And Valuable Content

When posting on Reddit, you want to share content that will be of value or interest to readers. Posting links that aren’t relevant for their subreddit can get you downvoted quickly and even banned from posting. This is not what you want! Share things that are relevant and original content; this way, you’ll have a better chance at increasing traffic. Another good thing about Reddit is that it doesn’t require any personal information. It doesn’t require email addresses or phone numbers. Thus, if someone finds you annoying in some way, they don’t have any ways to contact you—which helps a lot when trying to build credibility on social media sites. Let them be anonymous when commenting on posts as well so it encourages participation rather than discourages it which many sites do by having users post with Facebook comments etc. Keep it simple and let people focus on sharing great content with each other rather than having unnecessary features distracting users from finding awesome posts/links!

Use A Great Title

Nothing is better than a great title. Great titles attract users and pique their interest. It’s important that you choose a title that gets people excited about reading your content. There are multiple ways you can accomplish this. One way is by including an attention-grabbing question or something surprising or shocking in your title, for example: I just found out I got fired from my job... AMA! People love to read stories from real-life individuals, so including these types of questions will capture their attention and keep them engaged. A good title also includes keywords related to what you have written, so it will show up more often on search engines such as Google and Bing. Having relevant keywords in your title will help ensure that people searching for information on those topics find your post instead of someone else's.

Post At The Right Time

Reddit is huge. That’s both a blessing and a curse. The site receives 174 million unique visitors every month, according to Alexa—but it can also be difficult for marketers looking to promote a product or brand that doesn’t fit in with users’ existing interests. If you think about what kind of person uses Reddit—and then use that knowledge when planning your posts—you can increase the chance of them seeing your content. What do redditors like? Hate?

Engage In The Comments Section

If you’re going to be active on Reddit, it makes sense that you engage with other users. Many subreddits have official moderators who are able to weed out spam and other comments they don’t agree with, but it’s still best to build up a rapport with actual users. If a moderator asks you something in a direct message, try and answer their questions as fully as possible. Even if there is no moderator present, try answering questions in a friendly way (even hostile ones!) and ask what else you can do for them if they want more information from you.

Post Upvotes To Your Own Posts

Marketing is all about creating awareness. Redditors are a great audience for promoting content and links, so you want to let them know you’re interested in interacting with them. One of the best ways to do that is by posting upvotes on any of your own posts that have made it into a subreddit that’s relevant to your niche or product. When someone upvotes a post, everyone can see it — which means anyone who sees that vote knows right away you’re involved with Reddit and you understand what they like. And really, who wouldn’t like that?

Respond To Other People’s Posts

On Reddit, upvoting posts and comments is essentially a vote of confidence for that post or comment. The more upvotes something gets, the higher it rises on its subreddit and on r/all. To put it another way: if you were looking for feedback about a particular idea or product, Reddit is a perfect place to get it—but be warned that some subreddits are full of insincere or just plain mean trolls. On top of that, nothing on Reddit stays in one place forever: If you see something good today but don’t bookmark it right away, there’s no guarantee it will still be around tomorrow!

Use Correct Grammar And Punctuation In Titles And Posts

Just because you’re writing an Internet publication doesn’t mean you can throw grammar and punctuation out of the window. It might be a bit nitpicky, but it really matters. For example, using too many exclamation points in titles may get you more upvotes and comments in general, but it may also come off as unprofessional and juvenile. Don’t use italics or all caps (unless it’s part of an official title) without good reason.

Don’t Be Afraid To Cross Promote

You should also be willing to share links from other subreddits. You can cross-promote by posting an entry from another subreddit in a relevant subreddit. If you have an online business that caters to gaming, you could post about a recent indie game release on /r/gaming and encourage people playing it for hours on end to check out your website for new headsets. Be sure that anything you do cross-promote is relevant and interesting. Also, if it’s not clear, provide a brief summary of what you are trying to advertise with #ad before linking so that readers don’t feel scammed by seeing random material they weren’t anticipating.

Do Some Research On Which Subreddits Are Suitable For Your Business

Think about what it is that you are offering and what kinds of people might be interested in that. It’s likely you already have a good idea, but maybe not; think about how much information people need before they could be convinced to buy from you. Make a list of subreddits that might fit well with your product or service. Sometimes it's good to start small and post on smaller subreddits for a while before moving up, where as sometimes jumping right into more popular subbed can give greater exposure. Do some research on what kind of responses other posts got in these subreddits, so you get an idea of whether it might be worth trying out yourself.

Know How Many Users There Are In A Subreddit

Before you even consider starting a discussion in a subreddit, look at its subscriber count. If there aren’t any subscribers, then you probably shouldn’t post there yet. It’s not very likely that no one is interested in what you have to say. Instead, it’s more likely that few people know about your subreddit—that is, if it has no subscribers at all! Building an engaged following takes time, so be patient and promote yourself within subreddits over a long period of time before expecting people to flood into them on their own. You can find a list of subreddits by typing reddit [your topic] into Google. So for example: reddit marketing.


Redditors are smart. Your content needs to be amazing. Redditors are skeptical by nature; they’re constantly bombarded with ads on other sites, and that skepticism is often mirrored in their approach to ads they see on Reddit as well. This makes a good ad even more important: you need it to stand out from everything else in order for it to be effective. The good news is that there’s plenty of advice out there about what makes for a great Reddit ad, including Reddit’s own recommendations . When it comes down to it, however, there really isn’t a recipe for success—the best advice anyone can give you is simply give them something worth clicking!



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