10 quick and easy Reddit marketing strategies for those who don’t have time

10 quick and easy Reddit marketing strategies for those who don’t have time

Reddit marketing can be very time-consuming if you do it the old-fashioned way, where you have to go on Reddit, be active in multiple subreddits, and constantly engage people who are active in subreddits that don’t interest you. Fortunately, there are better ways to market your business on Reddit that take less time and effort on your part, so you can make more time for the things you love (such as watching cat videos). Here are 10 quick and easy Reddit marketing strategies for those who don’t have time for Reddit marketing.

1) Create Subreddits on topics you are passionate about

Subreddits are small forums dedicated to a specific topic. The power of Reddit is that it can become an epicenter for your target audience to gather, allowing you direct access to them, but only if you follow their culture. For example, if you create a subreddit about kittens, unless your posts are accompanied by adorable cat pictures or something similarly relevant, you won’t be successful at getting subscribers. Instead, find subreddits where your audience already gathers (i.e., r/kittens) and post there instead. Not only will they be more receptive to your content because it is in line with what they want to see but they will also receive valuable information that might not even interest them but could interest someone else within their network—and potentially spread your brand as a result!

2) Join Reddit communities that relate to your niche

This is one of the easiest ways to get involved in a new community. Whether you do it on your own or find someone to help, joining these communities is a great way to build your audience. If you like writing about web design but know nothing about SEO, join relevant forums where you can ask questions and interact with other people. The point is: get involved! It may seem tedious at first, but it's a great way to become an active part of what you're interested in as well as learn valuable skills from others. It'll be much easier if you have someone else doing most of the work for you so that when conversations start happening that are related to your niche, others will see your name popping up regularly and be more likely to take notice.

3) Share your expertise

Being a moderator on an active, niche subreddit is a great way to establish yourself as an authority in your industry. Because moderators work directly with content creators, they know what kinds of submissions are appreciated by that community—and they can curate a feed that will resonate with its readers. Want to learn more about being a moderator? Check out /r/subredditoftheday. The Subreddit of the Day (SOTD) feature on redditgifts showcases subreddit moderators by sharing their community with reddit at large; it’s like being featured in an episode of Dragon Den or Shark Tank.

4) When posting, provide value upfront. Ask questions. Link to helpful resources.

Whenever you post a link to a resource on Reddit, link to it with a descriptive title that lets users know exactly what they’re clicking on. For example, if you're linking to an infographic about why your company is great, title it Our Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Hire Us! Also, be sure that every single image or graphic you post has an alt-text description. This is especially important if you're posting links from other sites like Imgur; otherwise users won't know why they should click on your links. To help set expectations for readers, always provide value upfront when posting links—even as just a question or simple greeting can go a long way toward helping readers understand what they're getting into when clicking on your link.

5) Schedule posts in advance

Not many marketers make use of this strategy, but it can be extremely valuable. By setting your post to publish in advance, you gain a sense of control over your content while saving yourself hours upon hours each week. It also makes it possible to target various times when readers are online, which can result in drastically different click-through rates (and engagements). This will only work if you use Hootsuite or Buffer for scheduling. There's no other way to schedule posts ahead of time on Reddit.

6) Reply to comments frequently

One of Reddit's strengths is that you can connect with an engaged audience by interacting with comments on your posts. While some brands might think Why would I respond to a negative comment? replying to any comment shows your personality, opens a dialogue with customers and makes it more likely that other people will join in on future conversations. The goal is to be present without being overly promotional, so try sending sincere thank-yous, or addressing negative comments constructively—for example, rather than saying We hear you, suggest a specific solution: What do you think we could do differently? If one comment gets high upvotes, other people are likely to start joining in on the conversation too.

7) Build relationships with the people who frequent your posts

The best strategy is to build relationships with your target audience. Find people who share your same interests, join their discussions, and in your responses demonstrate that you understand what they like about a subject. These people will be drawn to you as someone they can converse with on familiar topics. Be genuinely interested in what they say, ask questions when appropriate (and answer them when possible), and let them know you appreciate their insight by following them back on Reddit or giving them positive feedback through upvotes or comments. When building relationships with an active subreddit community, try to think of a quality comment or post that you can make right away so that others see it immediately—this demonstrates that you are interested in participating without having too much of an impact on conversations right away.

8) Comment on other posts outside of your niche

The great thing about commenting on other posts is that you’re able to quickly demonstrate your expertise on your subject matter while also helping others. In many cases, experts in niche fields will be willing to help you promote your own content if you take some time to help them with theirs first. The key here is providing genuine value and coming across as authentic. Don’t leave a comment saying, Great post!

9) Manage Your Karma by Providing Value Upfront & Replying Frequently

Reddit is such a valuable resource but only if you take advantage of it. Before you start posting, lurk on relevant subreddits to get a feel for what types of posts perform well and why. Next, put in some initial effort to provide value upfront by sharing quality content or answering questions. You'll want to establish yourself as an expert before anyone starts asking your own questions. Then, when someone finally does ask you something, ask them a question back (they might ask you where they can find more information or how they can apply your advice). This strategy will ensure that people keep coming back to your profile which increases your chances of being seen in /r/all without having to actively post there all that often (after all you should be focusing on creating quality content).

10) Be consistent (post often!) but not annoying!

You've heard it over and over again: Post on Reddit regularly! or If you're not posting daily, you're doing it wrong! Sure, posting frequently is good in most cases. But what if you're already running a business? What if you have a full-time job? Then posting as often as possible is unrealistic. The most important thing is to be consistent when you do post on your chosen niche subreddit—not annoying. Try setting aside 10 minutes of every day (or multiple times per week) to check out your selected subreddit. Make sure to stick with one specific subreddit so that when people look at your account they get used to seeing posts in one place.


In conclusion, I know that you’re excited to start on your new journey. As long as you follow these simple steps, you will succeed! If you found value in what I had to say please share with a friend. To keep updated on my latest post subscribe to my newsletter below. Good luck!



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