Reddit Marketing Tips - How to Use Reddit for Content Marketing 2022

Reddit Marketing Tips - How to Use Reddit for Content Marketing 2022

Reddit can be one of the most powerful social media sites on the web to use for your marketing strategy. Reddit’s user base of nearly 250 million users is one of the biggest online and they spend an average of over 15 minutes on the site every day according to 2014 statistics by Quantcast. For marketers, that’s plenty of time to reach out to potential customers with your product or service if you know how to do it right and here are some useful tips on how to use Reddit to market your business effectively.

Start by using the right tools

To get started with a content marketing strategy on Reddit, you’ll want to use an app that makes it easy to monitor, and interact with, your subreddits. Here are some of our favorites: TheRedditSocial : This free browser extension creates a panel in your browser that helps you keep track of new comments, up-votes and discussion topics. Plus, it has a handy social sharing function so you can post links from any site directly onto Reddit with one click. A great way of getting used to what works best within each community without risking your reputation by posting without doing your research first!

Never, ever, ever promote a product you don’t believe in

People are very good at sniffing out fakes and you’ll be leaving a bad taste in their mouth if you’re acting purely out of self-interest. If it looks like you haven’t put any genuine effort into promoting something that you truly love, people will pass on your recommendations because they don’t feel as if they can trust your judgment. Even worse, they might feel as though you’re using them. Make sure that every product or service that you recommend is one that you believe in fully. You'll get better results when people know and trust your opinions—and find value in following them.

Choose a niche relevant subreddit

Select a niche relevant subreddit, such as /r/smallbusiness. If you can’t find a targeted subreddit, consider broadening your focus to a general topic like /r/marketing or /r/entrepreneur. Remember that quality content will be more successful than posting in an already-crowded space. You may have success with multiple subreddits, so test and see what works best!

Write something truly useful

Whether you’re posting as a member of your own company or just in your personal capacity, be sure that any content you submit is relevant, useful and beneficial. This means avoiding inside jokes, memes and clickbait headlines. It also means taking advantage of subreddits with smaller subscriber counts so that your posts are more likely to make it to page one. Ask yourself: Could someone not subscribed to Reddit benefit from reading my post? If they couldn't, don't post it. Post at times when your target audience will most likely be online (e.g., Monday evenings). Don't submit old content: reddit hates content resubmissions; users will downvote them immediately and a negative association may form in their mind about your brand or company.

Provide additional value through comments and links

Whether you link back to your site or not, it’s a good idea to comment and interact with people on Reddit. Engaging with other users builds goodwill, which is something that will ultimately benefit your business. Plus, if you’re posting original content, an active participation in discussions related to that content shows that you are an expert in your field. And who doesn’t want a little more reputation? It may seem like a lot of work at first—and yes, it takes some time and energy—but consider how much additional value you can offer by interacting directly with consumers. There's no better way to let them know exactly how awesome you are!

Include a link within your comment at the end

Social Samosa (article mentioned). Also, create a reference with your username as link at comment bottom right of above post. The social samosa is online/social news platform where people can share ideas, articles and videos that they find interesting and it creates a kind of social web content with social media in itself because users can interact with one another regarding content that's been shared on the site. This site is similar to Digg and Stumbleupon but more social in nature than other sites and thus earning popularity at a faster rate.

Stay away from negative topics

Reddit is not just a free-for-all like 4chan or other similar message boards. People who post negative comments on certain subreddits are usually ridiculed, ostracized, and banned from participating in those forums again. This applies to current events as well: while some subreddits allow discussion of world news and politics, others are strictly off limits. Keep your posts focused on providing value to others and you’ll have better luck finding an audience that appreciates your work.

Don’t spam keywords in comments

The moment you start spamming reddit comments with keywords, your post will be flagged by users. Instead, use natural language in comments on relevant threads and create high-quality content that follows Reddiquette guidelines. You can even ask questions or provide value first, making it easier to build up engagement over time. If a user upvotes your comment and provides valuable feedback, don’t hesitate to thank them (even if you disagree). It’s all about creating relationships on reddit! The more users like you, the better chance you have of getting exposure for your posts in different subreddits – especially if they provide value.


**Insert summary of points made** Reddit has long been one of my favorite marketing strategies, though it took me a while to figure out how best to utilize it. In fact, I was so slow on the uptake that it wasn’t until writing part 2 of my Buzzfeed marketing strategy guide that I ever even posted an original piece of content there. Long story short? This is an incredibly powerful tool at your disposal and should not be overlooked as an option any longer. If you're still on board with me, here are some tips



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