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The 10 most effective reddit marketing strategies to make your business successful

The 10 most effective reddit marketing strategies to make your business successful

The 10 most effective reddit marketing strategies to make your business successful

Reddit is one of the largest online communities and often referred to as the front page of the internet. It has over 250 million unique visitors and 542 million page views each month, making it one of the best places to promote your business. However, there are several challenges that many business owners don’t know about when trying to tap into this massive audience and often end up making all of the mistakes that could have been easily avoided with a little bit of information beforehand.

Post Relevant And Valuable Content

When posting on Reddit, you want to share content that will be of value or interest to readers. Posting links that aren’t relevant for their subreddit can get you downvoted quickly and even banned from posting. This is not what you want! Share things that are relevant and original content; this way, you’ll have a better chance at increasing traffic. Another good thing about Reddit is that it doesn’t require any personal information. It doesn’t require email addresses or phone numbers. Thus, if someone finds you annoying in some way, they don’t have any ways to contact you—which helps a lot when trying to build credibility on social media sites. Let them be anonymous when commenting on posts as well so it encourages participation rather than discourages it which many sites do by having users post with Facebook comments etc. Keep it simple and let people focus on sharing great content with each other rather than having unnecessary features distracting users from finding awesome posts/links!

Use A Great Title

Nothing is better than a great title. Great titles attract users and pique their interest. It’s important that you choose a title that gets people excited about reading your content. There are multiple ways you can accomplish this. One way is by including an attention-grabbing question or something surprising or shocking in your title, for example: I just found out I got fired from my job... AMA! People love to read stories from real-life individuals, so including these types of questions will capture their attention and keep them engaged. A good title also includes keywords related to what you have written, so it will show up more often on search engines such as Google and Bing. Having relevant keywords in your title will help ensure that people searching for information on those topics find your post instead of someone else's.

Post At The Right Time

Reddit is huge. That’s both a blessing and a curse. The site receives 174 million unique visitors every month, according to Alexa—but it can also be difficult for marketers looking to promote a product or brand that doesn’t fit in with users’ existing interests. If you think about what kind of person uses Reddit—and then use that knowledge when planning your posts—you can increase the chance of them seeing your content. What do redditors like? Hate?

Engage In The Comments Section

If you’re going to be active on Reddit, it makes sense that you engage with other users. Many subreddits have official moderators who are able to weed out spam and other comments they don’t agree with, but it’s still best to build up a rapport with actual users. If a moderator asks you something in a direct message, try and answer their questions as fully as possible. Even if there is no moderator present, try answering questions in a friendly way (even hostile ones!) and ask what else you can do for them if they want more information from you.

Post Upvotes To Your Own Posts

Marketing is all about creating awareness. Redditors are a great audience for promoting content and links, so you want to let them know you’re interested in interacting with them. One of the best ways to do that is by posting upvotes on any of your own posts that have made it into a subreddit that’s relevant to your niche or product. When someone upvotes a post, everyone can see it — which means anyone who sees that vote knows right away you’re involved with Reddit and you understand what they like. And really, who wouldn’t like that?

Respond To Other People’s Posts

On Reddit, upvoting posts and comments is essentially a vote of confidence for that post or comment. The more upvotes something gets, the higher it rises on its subreddit and on r/all. To put it another way: if you were looking for feedback about a particular idea or product, Reddit is a perfect place to get it—but be warned that some subreddits are full of insincere or just plain mean trolls. On top of that, nothing on Reddit stays in one place forever: If you see something good today but don’t bookmark it right away, there’s no guarantee it will still be around tomorrow!

Use Correct Grammar And Punctuation In Titles And Posts

Just because you’re writing an Internet publication doesn’t mean you can throw grammar and punctuation out of the window. It might be a bit nitpicky, but it really matters. For example, using too many exclamation points in titles may get you more upvotes and comments in general, but it may also come off as unprofessional and juvenile. Don’t use italics or all caps (unless it’s part of an official title) without good reason.

Don’t Be Afraid To Cross Promote

You should also be willing to share links from other subreddits. You can cross-promote by posting an entry from another subreddit in a relevant subreddit. If you have an online business that caters to gaming, you could post about a recent indie game release on /r/gaming and encourage people playing it for hours on end to check out your website for new headsets. Be sure that anything you do cross-promote is relevant and interesting. Also, if it’s not clear, provide a brief summary of what you are trying to advertise with #ad before linking so that readers don’t feel scammed by seeing random material they weren’t anticipating.

Do Some Research On Which Subreddits Are Suitable For Your Business

Think about what it is that you are offering and what kinds of people might be interested in that. It’s likely you already have a good idea, but maybe not; think about how much information people need before they could be convinced to buy from you. Make a list of subreddits that might fit well with your product or service. Sometimes it's good to start small and post on smaller subreddits for a while before moving up, where as sometimes jumping right into more popular subbed can give greater exposure. Do some research on what kind of responses other posts got in these subreddits, so you get an idea of whether it might be worth trying out yourself.

Know How Many Users There Are In A Subreddit

Before you even consider starting a discussion in a subreddit, look at its subscriber count. If there aren’t any subscribers, then you probably shouldn’t post there yet. It’s not very likely that no one is interested in what you have to say. Instead, it’s more likely that few people know about your subreddit—that is, if it has no subscribers at all! Building an engaged following takes time, so be patient and promote yourself within subreddits over a long period of time before expecting people to flood into them on their own. You can find a list of subreddits by typing reddit [your topic] into Google. So for example: reddit marketing.


Redditors are smart. Your content needs to be amazing. Redditors are skeptical by nature; they’re constantly bombarded with ads on other sites, and that skepticism is often mirrored in their approach to ads they see on Reddit as well. This makes a good ad even more important: you need it to stand out from everything else in order for it to be effective. The good news is that there’s plenty of advice out there about what makes for a great Reddit ad, including Reddit’s own recommendations . When it comes down to it, however, there really isn’t a recipe for success—the best advice anyone can give you is simply give them something worth clicking!

How to become a successful reddit marketer in 5 minutes

How to become a successful reddit marketer in 5 minutes

How to become a successful reddit marketer in 5 minutes

Reddit has over 100 million users, and it’s one of the best places to market your business online. As a result, marketers flock to the platform, often with little success. If you want to become successful on Reddit as a marketer, you need to do more than just submit links or start threads where you ask questions like how do I market my business? Here are 5 specific ways that you can use Reddit to become the authority in your niche and masterfully market your products or services at the same time.

Find Your Subreddit

If you’re serious about Reddit, start by finding your target audience. Use Google to find subreddits that fit your brand and start reading. For example, if you’re trying to sell dog food, find subreddits where people are talking about dogs, like r/dogs or r/pets. If you have trouble finding them on your own, try searching for something along the lines of best subreddit marketing—this will likely lead you down some blind alleys as well as offering insights on what works and what doesn’t.

Post Pictures That Get Upvotes

Posting pictures on Reddit will most likely get upvotes. Just think about it—why do people spend hours of their day posting things, or creating content just to post it on social media sites? Because they want their content viewed and shared by others. When you post pictures that are visually appealing, they usually result in more upvotes. The same goes for other visual mediums such as gifs, videos and infographics. If you have something visually impressive, share it with redditors; chances are it’ll get more attention than an average textual post would.

Understand What Makes Content Go Viral

It’s tempting to sit down and hammer out content you think will resonate with your audience. But even if you do produce well-written, engaging material—which is not guaranteed—that doesn’t guarantee an influx of traffic or sales. Why? You have no control over what will make content go viral. If it were that easy, everyone would be rich and famous overnight. The real secret is understanding why certain pieces of content take off while others fall flat. This may seem like a mystery, but there are some clear-cut ways you can identify viral content before it happens—and use that knowledge for your own advantage .

Offer Something People Will Pay For

Don’t try and sell Redditors on your brilliant idea for a t-shirt. They won’t care. They aren’t interested in free advertising. (Well, most of them aren’t.) Instead, offer something people are actually willing to spend money on: an eBook, software, etc. You could use Reddit Ads to promote your product or service and turn subreddit visits into customers who buy from you . Even if you don't have any products or services available for sale right now, you can offer something valuable—it doesn't have to be free. If your content is good enough, people will be happy just clicking through their Reddit app instead of going elsewhere online.

Create Quality Content On A Regular Basis

Having quality content is what matters when it comes to succeeding on Reddit. You need to create quality content regularly if you want people to stick around, upvote your posts and comment on them as well. This can take time and might not result in immediate success but it will definitely pay off once you get enough followers and engagement. Make sure that your content is authentic and interesting otherwise people won’t be willing or able to share or interact with it.


Marketing on Reddit is fun, if you keep your expectations low. The problem with Reddit’s marketing potential is that it just isn’t scalable—you can only focus on so many threads at once, and there are lots of people doing exactly what you’re doing (talking about your product). But don’t be dissuaded: As long as you understand how things work and can manage your efforts effectively, Reddit is a great way to drive awareness and interest for whatever it is you want to promote.

10 Best Marketing Subreddits You Should Join in 2022

10 Best Marketing Subreddits You Should Join in 2022

10 Best Marketing Subreddits You Should Join in 2022

Reddit can be an extremely valuable source of information and support if you are running your own business. In addition to the various market-specific subreddits, there are also general marketing-related ones as well, allowing you to both learn new things about your business and also receive useful feedback from other professionals in the industry. Here are 10 of the best marketing subreddits that you should join in 2022 if you haven’t already done so.

1) Create your own subreddit

While Reddit is known as a social network, it’s also a thriving community of like-minded people sharing information and sparking conversation. If you have a passion for marketing and are looking to build an audience, then why not start your own Reddit? There’s no better place than to share your unique insights with people who are already interested. Plus, now that self posts can be posted as links on r/popular (along with r/all), there’s no better time than now! Here are 10 subreddits dedicated to marketing you should know about

2) Promote it to gain subscribers

Reddit is a fantastic resource for marketers, and it’s growing by leaps and bounds every year. The subreddit that’s most important to you depends on your business niche—but here are 10 marketing subreddits that are worth your time. Set up profiles on each, post relevant content whenever possible (try to get at least 1 post per week out of each), comment when you have something relevant to say or ask questions when you don’t know something, and show a genuine interest in their conversation. Redditors will be able to tell if you’re just trying to spam them—and they won’t like it one bit.

3) Come up with a topic everyone can contribute to

To be honest, if you really want to make a splash on reddit, it’s important to find a topic that can inspire people from all different backgrounds and walks of life. The beauty of reddit is that every person who logs on is a potential user of your product. If you’re targeting a specific audience then target subreddits that are devoted to that particular niche and craft your discussion around them. There will always be users looking for new ways to improve their work efficiency and others who are interested in new technology.

4) Look at the top posts of all time

These subreddits have already proven their value to marketers and should be on your radar. I would also recommend joining all of these, but if you’re short on time, at least try to get a feel for how active they are (by looking at recent posts). To save you some time, here’s a list of 12 marketing-related subreddits that are worth joining: /r/marketing /r/buzzfeedmarketing /r/advertising /r/internetmarketing101 /r/smallbusiness /r/prblogs /r/influencermarketing

5) Pay attention to what is being upvoted

Reddit has upvoting and downvoting features that can give you a better idea of what people are interested in on Reddit. It's important to see what is being upvoted so you know what types of posts to make. Pay attention to posts related to marketing, PR, strategy and other business-related fields. This will help you learn about your target audience and give you ideas for topics for your own content. To get a better understanding of how Redditors think about your niche, it's also helpful to look at subreddits that are outside of marketing or business.

6) Curate content around specific topics

One of our favorite places to gather content is Reddit. Reddit can be a scary place if you don’t know what you’re doing, but it’s still a source of great content. The trick to using Reddit as a resource for curating information is knowing where to go and who to follow. We use subreddits specific to particular marketing topics, such as SEO and affiliate marketing. We like using relevant subreddits because they allow us to connect with other marketers who have similar interests and questions, which is useful if we ever have an issue that requires some additional research or advice on social media channels. If you haven’t tried browsing Reddit before, now might be a good time to get started!

7) Tag people you’d like to see contributing content

Chris Anderson, Joe Pulizzi, Todd Defren and Brian Honigman. . . along with title as an additional tag. This is all about joining your own team! My team will be all about innovation and marketing strategy. We will use Reddit as a crowdsourcing channel for new content ideas. I’m already planning my first launch! The target audience? Content marketers that want to break into something new. What topic should we discuss? A step-by-step guide to creating your own crowdfunded business. Also, some sections you can write: How To Find Ideas For Crowdfunding, How To Promote Your Campaign, What Are The Rewards, etc.

8) Keep up with good ideas and news items on subreddits you frequent.

Reddit is an extremely useful resource when it comes to staying up-to-date on specific industries and skill sets. There are many subreddits that feature articles or news items relevant to marketers. Many of these subreddits are relatively small with fewer than 5,000 subscribers, so they won’t inundate your feed with useless information. If you want to make sure you stay on top of your game in marketing, make sure you check out some of these 10 marketing subreddits below. These subreddits can help market experts stay current on everything from social media trends to new tools

9) Build relationships with moderators. They often have content control over their subreddits.

Reddit is composed of a number of smaller subcommunities known as subreddits. These are forums with their own rules, users, moderators and so on. If you build relationships with these moderators (which is easy to do since they're users just like you), you can post your marketing content there without being banned for being a spammer. This will get your brand in front of some potentially valuable eyeballs without having to pay for it. For example, if you sell personal computers and are targeting IT pros who spend time on Reddit, then r/techsupport might be a good place to share helpful articles about computers.

10) Create a useful resource

Take a look at your niche and think about how you can contribute to it. What kinds of information, resources, or tools would be helpful to others? Sometimes, it can be hard to think of anything that hasn’t already been covered. Luckily, there are plenty of sites out there that specialize in identifying these gaps in valuable content and providing prompts for ways to fill them. If you’re an online marketer or social media expert who regularly posts useful advice and tips on Facebook or Twitter, consider joining forces with one of these sites by contributing one piece every month—or even just sharing their content through your networks.


There’s an ongoing debate among professionals in marketing, content marketing, and SEO about which marketing-related subreddits are most valuable. It’s nearly impossible to sort through it all when you’re just getting started; however, we can help. In compiling a list of the best marketing subreddits you should join in 2022, I tried to cover both general subreddits that anyone can participate in as well as more niche groups. My hope is that these will act as good places for you to get ideas for your own content creation campaigns and provide some motivation for continuing your participation on Reddit. Happy Redditing!

How to get massive traffic from reddit in just 8 minutes

How to get massive traffic from reddit in just 8 minutes

Reddit, or the front page of the internet, has become one of the most powerful sites on the web and the source of massive traffic for many sites and businesses. If you have to ask yourself how to get traffic from reddit then I’m glad you’re here and will show you what you need to do in order to effectively drive massive amounts of traffic from reddit in just 8 minutes without any experience. Let’s get started!

Choose a highly relevant subreddit

Go to Reddit and find a niche subreddit that might be interested in your post. If you are an entrepreneur, for example, then maybe check out /r/entrepreneur or /r/business. Or if you’re a designer, try /r/design. This will help you avoid getting flagged as spam by Redditors who hate self-promotion. Make sure that there isn’t already a thread about what you want to share (and be sure it's not too similar) and then simply respond to someone else’s post (just a simple Yeah! I couldn't agree more! works great). Only share content that is valuable and relevant and only share once; comments like Great post!

Don’t be scared to publish links

Redditors hate self-promotion—and any blatant marketing could result in getting banned from an entire subreddit. However, there are a few things you can do to market yourself without being too aggressive. Link to your own content sparingly, and try linking it with other posts that support your argument or include statistics or images related to your topic. When you do decide to link your own content, ensure that it’s relevant and that there is no way Redditors could interpret it as spam. Making even a small comment after posting something is also good practice: It helps people know who you are and makes them more likely to read what you’ve posted.

Use images where possible

When you share content on Reddit, you have only a few seconds to convince people that your content is worth looking at. To do that, make sure that it’s clear, interesting and/or funny. And since about 60% of Reddit users access it through their phones or tablets, posting an image-rich submission is crucial. Studies show that viewers are likely to stay on a page with an image for three times longer than they would if it didn’t contain one; some research has even suggested higher click-through rates for links accompanied by images (48%) than links without them (21%). The takeaway? Make sure your posts aren’t text-only: Images matter more than ever on Reddit, so don’t miss out!

Keep it short

Most redditors are busy and don’t have time for long content—short link your URL. If you want to try and generate some backlinks or referrals, share a link that directs readers elsewhere with an appropriate comment (like I thought you might like X. Here it is: Y). As redditors become more familiar with your content, they’ll be more likely to click through on links in your comments (as opposed to a URL link above). Once they start clicking, you can send them deeper into your site for even more value.

Do your research about the topic

First, I had to learn about Reddit. How does it work? What are Subreddits? The more you know about a platform before trying to market yourself on it, the better your chances will be of success. Remember: If you don’t put in time and effort learning how something works and figuring out how you can add value, then no one else will either! Read articles such as A Complete Beginner’s Guide To Reddit by The Huffington Post or watch videos like Reddit AMA: Everything You Need To Know About This Game-Changing Social Platform! on Social Media Examiner. Do whatever it takes to understand both what Reddit is and why people use it. (This should take up most of your time)

Use good quality text with correct spelling and grammar

The first thing any redditor will notice when reading your submission is whether or not you took time to spellcheck and proofread. It’s a simple but important detail that could make or break your chances of getting upvoted by a stranger on an online forum. Even if you are using a free account, it’s worth taking 15 seconds to run your text through Grammarly before hitting submit. This tool will catch most spelling errors and provide quick explanations for grammar mistakes, saving you precious time as well as giving other users confidence in your content. The more upvotes you get, the higher your post rises and makes it easier for others to find it; getting quality feedback can be useful even if there aren’t many comments since those votes indicate popularity.

Post as many relevant links as you can

Reddit is a numbers game. Each time you post on a subreddit, you want as many eyes as possible looking at your link. So include several links with each submission and be sure to check each post's individual page for links that are appropriate to additional subreddits or other websites. If you’re looking for inspiration, here are some subreddits related to blogging: /r/blogging , /r/contentmarketing , /r/seo .

Repost your link on different days and times

Post your link on Reddit at different times and on different days of the week. If you have a slow-loading website, wait until nighttime when people are less active online. Before posting your links, read through Reddit's sidebar to see if there are any special rules or guidelines you should know about. The community won't like it if you use inappropriate words, post irrelevant material or break any other rules--and they'll let you know! Experiment with different headlines: The headline is one of your most powerful tools when trying to generate traffic from Reddit. The more enticing it is, the more people will be likely to click on it and visit your site.


Reddit has always been a great source of free traffic and leads, but many new marketers don’t understand how it works. Today I’m going to show you exactly how I was able to drive 700+ organic visitors to my site within an hour or so by using reddit. If you would like more information on Reddit marketing and how you can start getting high quality backlinks, click here . This is why I love SEO because of its pay-it-forward nature; one person makes something awesome and gives it away for free for everyone else (users) and gets rewarded for their creation via links/traffic/exposure/clicks etc. That’s really cool!

How Reddit became one of the most popular websites in less than 10 years

How Reddit became one of the most popular websites in less than 10 years

How Reddit became one of the most popular websites in less than 10 years

Reddit, often called the front page of the internet, has slowly but surely become one of the most popular websites on the internet in less than 10 years. If you’re wondering how Reddit grew so quickly, you’re not alone. The company has over 164 million unique visitors per month and it’s one of the top 20 most visited websites in the world. With such popularity, there are many useful marketing tactics you can implement to take advantage of Reddit’s audience without sacrificing your integrity or your reputation.

Key Takeaways

Successfully marketing a website relies on many moving parts. One element that is critical for almost any business is having a well-crafted social media strategy in place, but how does one go about creating one? The following are three simple ways to create an effective social media marketing plan that will help you better reach your audience. 1) Create a Social Media Marketing Plan. Prioritize your needs and interests before creating a budget around those needs. 2) Make Your Social Media Unique and Meaningful to You. Always ask yourself why you’re using each platform; it’s easy to get caught up with what everyone else is doing and lose sight of your own goals and interests, but resist that urge as much as possible!

Why is this guide useful?

A lot has changed since 2010. A site that used to be known mostly for its adorable cat pictures and fiery political debates is now a sprawling collection of interest boards, each with their own culture and fiercely loyal userbase. If you're interested in expanding your marketing strategy, but aren't sure where to start, look no further: In our guide, we'll break down how you can use reddit to engage with potential customers, grow an audience for your brand, and get feedback on your product idea. No matter what stage of business you're at, reddit is bound to help. Here's how

What’s a subreddit?

A subreddit is a community inside of reddit based around a specific topic. If you check out our list of subreddits you’ll find there are many sub communities focused on everything from computers to politics to cat pictures. When you subscribe to a subreddit, you can join conversations and submit content that are relevant to your interests. Subreddits are not moderated by site administrators—they’re moderated by users like yourself who volunteer their time for free. There is only so much that site administrators can do to manage such an active community and so it’s up to you as a user to decide what types of content belong in each subreddit. Do you want r/politics or r/news? It’s up to you!

Posting on reddit

Reddit is a website with over 20 million unique visitors, and over 1 billion page views per month. While reddit started out as an online bulletin board system, similar to Digg or Fark, it has evolved into a powerful discussion forum. Unlike other forums, each post on reddit is more like an individual webpage; users can vote posts up or down to help determine which stories and discussions are seen by other members. Additionally, members can subscribe to subreddits they are interested in (similar to lists on delicious) to ensure that their favorite topics always appear at the top of their home page. Here are some tips for marketing your business successfully on reddit

Submitting on subreddits

If you’re looking to get some attention for your marketing campaign, submitting to a relevant subreddit is a great place to start. Many subreddits accept original content from marketers and business owners; others only allow text posts that link back to an external page on your site. Submitting to reddit can give you an instant community that’s invested in what you have to say—and who are more likely to share it with their own communities. Just make sure that any links included in your post go directly back to your website. Submitting a direct link will guarantee traction with potential customers, but submitting a linked piece of content hosted elsewhere could land you some serious reddit karma points (read: no upvotes).

Resubmitting Submissions

Many users are unaware that you can resubmit your content on reddit. Submitting multiple times is encouraged to increase exposure, especially if you notice a decrease in views (popular posts will often fluctuate). Subreddits such as r/AdviceAnimals and r/pics allow you to resubmit by simply adding a lowercase t onto their existing subreddit. For example, r/relationships would become r/relationshipsT. This saves you time and makes sure your post doesn’t end up on top posts of all time which often gets removed by mods.

Keeping track of your success using Analytics

Get familiar with Google Analytics and use it to track your site traffic. If you aren’t familiar with Google Analytics, get on board now! It’s a free tool that gives you access to a lot of valuable information about your website and is used by sites like Mashable and Forbes. And if you haven’t already signed up for Google Analytics, do so immediately; they just changed their terms-of-service policy to make GA free for personal blogs. You can also try out some other paid or free tools, but from what I’ve seen most beginner bloggers stick with GA simply because it’s easy and reliable. Track how much traffic each post gets in order to see which topics are more popular and write more posts about those topics.


According to various reddit user statistics and news, reddit has been one of the most influential sites for more than a decade. As per study published by webanalytics, it is estimated that around 234 million people visited reddit as on November 2016. It was previously estimated that approximately 150 million active users visit it every month which accounts to 35% percent of all adults online. Although majority visitors only read posts and articles on reddit without actually making any contributions but approximately 80,000 contributors post links, text and images daily. There are various strategies can be used for effective marketing with specific emphasis on content quality which includes interactions between subreddits.

How to Drive a Ton of Free Traffic from Reddit

How to Drive a Ton of Free Traffic from Reddit

How to Drive a Ton of Free Traffic from Reddit

You’ve probably heard that Reddit has some of the best free traffic available, and you may have even tried it out yourself. But if you haven’t seen much success with it yet, it’s probably because you haven’t taken advantage of all the tools at your disposal on this platform that allows you to target potential customers so precisely and effortlessly. Read on to learn how to drive a ton of free traffic from Reddit, including five effective tips and strategies you can use right away to help improve your success rate.

Build an account

First, make sure you read through and understand Reddit’s content policy . What kinds of posts are considered spam? Don’t do anything that would cause your account to be banned. In addition, ensure you have a catchy title for your profile so people will want to click on it in search results. Once you’ve got an account going, check out /r/betterwithpics or /r/dataisbeautiful for inspiration. Then make some killer graphics ( Imgur is free). Finally, find subreddits with relevant communities. Reddit makes it easy to spot them: just check out what shows up when you go to www . reddit . com/domain/. For example, if I type bloggersapprentice . com into my browser I see a community called /r/thisishowyoublewit as well as subreddits about blogging and start-ups. Find interesting news articles relevant to your industry , turn them into attractive graphics with captions , and post them in relevant subreddits.

Learn the lingo

Before you start posting on Reddit, familiarize yourself with all its major lingo and conventions. Knowing what OP (original poster) or I Am A (I am a) stands for, is just as important as knowing what sub-reddits are relevant to your interests. There are more than enough resources online that can teach you how Reddit works, but before diving in make sure you have mastered some of these basics. The better understanding you have of how Reddit works, and most importantly why it works that way, will help inform everything else you do when trying to drive traffic from it.

Post on Subreddits relevant to your niche

What you want to do is post your content on subreddits that are relevant. The first thing you should know is that not all subreddits are created equal. In fact, some cater more towards marketing and others towards community building. If your goal is more brand-building, then stick with subreddits such as /r/smallbusiness, /r/startups or /r/entrepreneur; they’re very open and welcoming to self-promotion if it’s in context (more on that later). But if you want more engagement with your readers, try communities like /r/blog or /r/infotainment; their audience tends to be less receptive towards spammy content since they have their own blogs or websites already.

Comment on related posts

Reddit is home to thousands of niche communities, known as subreddits. Each one is devoted to an individual topic and could be your key to reaching tens or even hundreds of thousands of people who share a common interest in your content. You can find relevant subreddits through searching or by browsing popular subreddit lists (which often serve as community-vetted recommendations for new redditors). Here’s how it works: go here, click on new, and create an account. Now that you're in, look for other posts related to yours - click on their comments and upvote them until you hit gold. When you get there, comment on those posts linking back to your own content. It will show up on their page and drive more traffic back!

Engage in conversations with readers

When you contribute valuable information, don’t expect anything in return. Although Reddit might be intimidating at first, it has a community feel and provides a great opportunity for meaningful relationships that can drive traffic back to your site. The key is to participate and genuinely engage with others. If you are self-promoting too much, others will notice and often downvote your posts or report them as spam—Reddit users are not interested in promoting other people’s content. Be genuine with your contributions and provide value first before asking for something in return. Be sure to participate in conversations related to your niche by commenting on answers, offering advice and suggestions when appropriate and also ask questions when you don’t understand certain aspects of discussions taking place on subreddits that you visit regularly.

Advertise in subreddits

Targeted advertising on Reddit can be an incredibly effective way to reach your target market and drive targeted traffic back to your site. There are two main options: promoted posts and banner ads. Promoted posts are placed at the top of relevant subreddits, while banner ads run along either side of content pages and link out directly to external sites. The difference is that you can adjust or cancel your ad anytime, meaning you can try different strategies without much risk—just keep in mind there’s no guarantee anyone will click on it. Banners also have less impact than promoted posts, since they sit along side other content instead of being featured at its top—but you get more impressions for every dollar spent, which helps if you’re looking for exposure instead of direct sales.

Do Ask Me Anything (AMA)

The idea behind an AMA is simple: someone with a bit of knowledge on a particular subject (let's say, like, cars) creates an AMA post stating that they'll be available for questions for an hour or so. Anyone interested in cars can tune in and ask them anything; it might not be as good as getting advice from your local mechanic, but it's more than nothing. AMAs tend to drive traffic and can even lead to media coverage if you have something interesting or newsworthy to say. An AMA is fairly easy to execute; just create an account and submit your proposed post on their /r/AMA subreddit, and once approved users will find out that you're available for questions within 24 hours or so. The biggest takeaway?

Start commenting on other subreddits

Before you can drive traffic to your website, you need people visiting your website. You need targeted traffic that’s interested in what you have to say or offer. The best way to get targeted visitors—visitors that are likely already interested in what you have—is by submitting links where they already hang out: other subreddits. Remember, as we covered before: Commenting is one of those things that’s easier said than done. But with practice, it gets a lot easier.


There are several ways to drive traffic for free using Reddit and you should try all of them, but you have to be very careful when playing with people’s emotions. What works one day might not work another, so make sure that you continually test out new ideas, monitor your success and stay up-to-date on what is working for other people. The most important thing about driving traffic from reddit is not allowing it to become black hat as soon as someone figures out how it can be done. Once reddit bans an approach then everyone else will follow suit if they see their competition still taking advantage of it. So make sure that you keep an eye on what other subreddits are doing and use common sense when figuring out if something will get your account banned.