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5 Amazing DIY Photography Hacks to Capture the Perfect Shot

5 Amazing DIY Photography Hacks to Capture the Perfect Shot

Amazing DIY Photography Hacks to Capture the Perfect Shot

Although photography can be as expensive or as cheap as you’d like it to be, the cost can quickly add up if you’re investing in the latest and greatest photography gear. Luckily, there are plenty of hacks out there that will allow you to take amazing photos without needing a ton of equipment. From mounting your camera on a door to taking photos with no shutter sound, these 5 DIY photography hacks will help you capture the perfect shot every time.

Keep it Steady

It can be tough to hold a camera steady, especially if you’re using a longer lens. To combat that challenge, grab something solid—like a light stand or even your hand—and wrap it around your arm while you shoot. The extra support will help keep your camera stable and reduce blur in photos. Your arms might get tired after a while but it’s definitely worth it when you start seeing how great your images look!

Use Bokeh Effect

Bokeh is a popular photography term for out-of-focus points of light that are created by a camera lens. Some cameras even allow users to adjust their bokeh settings. With bokeh, photographers can create some pretty cool effects for their pictures, like making a background look blurry or simply adding an aesthetic flair to pictures. While it’s not necessary for every picture you take, it can be fun and give your photos something extra when used well.

Use Natural Light

Natural light is one of those things that people don’t appreciate until they don’t have it, but most of us take it for granted. The fact is that our modern lives mean most of us to spend a lot of time in artificial lighting environments with predictable sources like overhead lights and lamps. This means we lose our connection with natural light, especially sunlight; but spending some time outdoors near a window when you can help. It’s easy to feel like your home interior shots aren’t going to benefit from natural light, but really, they almost always do—the trick is figuring out how and where to use it!

Focus on Foreground Objects

When you’re taking photos of anything, it can be helpful to make sure your subject is in focus. Unfortunately, many amateur photographers often get frustrated when they look at their photos and realize there are several objects that are not in focus. The key is making sure that there’s something in your photo that is sharp. You want people looking at your photo to notice how sharp things look or how great a certain object looks. Once you master foreground and background objects, photography hacks like these will become second nature.

Use Props

Not only do props make your subjects feel more comfortable, they help you get creative and take interesting photos. Keep it simple with colorful balloons or consider a mise-en-scène approach. If your shot is going to feature a person standing at a train station, for example, fill up their personal space with other objects like suitcases or luggage. You can also use bigger props like backdrops—just be sure that whatever you’re using matches what you’re shooting for. If you're shooting outdoors in nature, for example, don't put a big piece of cardboard behind your subject.


While high-end cameras and equipment are great, they aren’t a requirement for taking amazing shots. For example, even if you don’t have money for a fancy camera and DSLR lens, you can still get good shots by holding your phone vertically. And remember, sometimes it helps to be resourceful. By combining two of these photography hacks with your own ideas, you can capture photos like a pro on any budget.